WhatsApp is Allowing Third Party Import of Custom Animated Stickers


WhatsApp is launching a feature that will allow users to import custom animated stickers to be used in application. This new feature is launched in Brazil, Indonesia and Iran for the WhatsApp users of version and newer for the android version and for iOS version or newer.

Currently, a user has to import animated stickers first from a third party, and then they can send them to their contacts. According to the report, a Third-party application known as Sticker Maker allows you to custom make animated stickers pack and import them to Whatsapp application having version mentioned above for Android and iOS users.

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Only paid version of Sticker Maker allows you to import stickers pack to Whatsapp, its’ not free.

WhatsApp already lets you use third-party stickers packs to be used in chats but to add those stickers in WhatsApp is new. Currently, if you have a local number of Brazil, Indonesia, and Iran — you can use this feature right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the beta version or a stable version. Users can download newer versions from the Play stores or from the official website of Whatsapp. This feature might take 24hrs to show up even after the newer version is updated.

Users might face difficulties while importing the packs containing both, static and animated stickers. There are limitations to the number of stickers in the pack too. There must be at least 3 stickers in the pack.

As mentioned above only 3 countries can use this feature right now. This feature is going to roll out for other countries soon.

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