Payoneer Panic: Funds on your Payoneer card are safe and secure

Funds held on your Payoneer card remain secure as they are held in safeguarded accounts at regulated credit institutions in the UK and EEA and designated as your funds.

Wirecard boss has resigned because of missing 1.9bn Euros from the company’s accounts.

The central bank of the Philippines says none of the money appears to have entered the financial system of the country.

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The scandal initially emerged when articles in Financial Times sturred and grabbed everyone’s attention on alleged accounting irregularities in Wirecard’s Asian operations. The missing money was supposed to be in two separate accounts at Asian banks and had been set aside for “risk management”.

Since Wirecard AG has now officially filed for insolvency, one wonders what does that means for Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® Card issued by Wirecard?

Payoneer focuses on transparency, through a blog post, the company says the funds are securely held in safeguarded accounts and account holders have no reason to panic and there is no cause for concern.

Payoneer works with many banks, financial service providers all around the world in developed and emerging markets. The company’s global infrastructure empowers people to do business globally online. Wirecard AG was one of the providers Payoneer partnered with.

Funds stored on your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® Card are safe and secure – Payoneer Blog

Safety and security of account holders is Payoneer’s top priority, rest assured, every single penny of any account holder is safe and will reflect the balance on their statement soon. You can contact the Payoneer customer care team.

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