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  • The Internet Makes Freelancer Work Promising

    The freelancer has been on the work scene for many years however the name takes on new meaning in today’s world of the internet. In the past, those doing freelancer work were usually independent reporters, artists, novelists, and translators. All of them had to use much slower methods for turning in work and finding work […]

  • 4 Ways to grow your brand on Instagram

    Just knowing that mobile marketing is important for any brand isn’t enough; you must build an actionable strategy for providing a great mobile experience to users across all the content. This is essential for a brand’s visibility among the social networks. Among all the social networks, Instagram is today’s widely used networks that help build […]

  • 9 Highest paying jobs for millennials according to a survey

    Hunt for a job that pays highest seems more daunting than getting into college. For the millennial cohort, this is a bit more difficult. But the researches have proved that careers of millennial can be most promising than others. Being the most educated generation thus far, millennial a does have to make a tough run […]

  • Build An App yourself without any programming experience through these easy to use tools

    Build An App Of Your Own Through These Easy App Development Tools for Mobile Application development has become an essential tool for business generation in the ever evolving brands pool. Mobile Apps can be developed by: Hiring a professional Apps development Agency DIY (do it yourself) tools Business owners can decide the app development method […]

  • Upwork releases the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers in Q2 2017

    Upwork, the largest and most successful freelancing website has released the latest quarterly index of most in demand skills in the U.S freelance job market. To view the 1st quarter most wanted skills, click here. Q2 hottest in demand skills are: Virtual reality Natural language processing Econometrics Learning Management System (LMS) Neural networks Penetration testing […]

  • Freelance economy rise, an opportunity for everyone

    The rise of the digital nomad and freelance economy has begun and it is being led by self-employed or small businesses. Entrepreneurs create more job opportunities than any other sector of the economy and they are at the forefront of an evolving 21st century economy that is shaping world’s new employment landscape. It is a place […]

  • Websites to Learn Coding from

    Learning how to code can help you to become a much better entrepreneur. You can dive in when your team needs to fix a few bugs on the site. But nowadays, it seems impossible to learn to code for free. But for the purpose, you need to reach out to the resources that can help […]

  • 5 Websites for learning in-demand skills

    Today’s workplace is completely different from that of our ancestors. In old day’s people used to pick a single career and continue with that position for the rest of their lives. But the landscape of employment has changed drastically over the last fifteen years. The latest technology trends have forced people to seek new careers. […]

  • Peshawar hosts Fiverr Community Meetup

    Peshawar has finally been successful to host its very first official Fiverr community meetup after innumerable requests and a lot of hard work from the freelance community of Peshawar. The freelance community in Peshawar has grown tremendously over the years and plenty of opportunities are coming in to the city for the talented freelancers. The […]