10 of the highest-paying jobs without a degree


While everyone wants to increase their income, not everyone has the time to enroll in a full college program and earn a new degree. Thankfully, some of the highest-paying jobs don’t demand a degree in any particular sector or focus.

To find out where to concentrate your professional development efforts, read on to learn about the highest-paying positions available without a degree.

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1. Commercial pilot:

The main distinction between commercial pilots and “normal” aviators is that the former do not fly for major airlines. Instead, commercial pilots work for smaller businesses as well as for private clients like wealthy entrepreneurs. They are not required to hold bachelor’s degrees in aviation or aeronautical science as a result.

As a result, you only need your pilot’s license and on-the-job training to become a commercial pilot. Nevertheless, bear in mind that, even if you study full-time, getting your pilot’s license typically takes a few years. Having said that, if you don’t have many obligations at home, this could be a fulfilling employment opportunity and you might like the chance to travel frequently.

The average yearly salary for commercial pilots is $135,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. Even while a bachelor’s degree is not required, having an associate’s degree can help you stand out from the competition.


2. A Police officer:

Despite not being legally obliged to, police officers frequently hold bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice or related fields. In reality, you don’t even need a college degree to work as a police officer, detective, or a comparable occupation.

You just need to succeed on your state’s police academy admission exam. The typical requirement for these admission tests is a high school diploma. After passing that, you’ll finish police training, which, depending on the state’s standards, might take anywhere from six months to a year or two.

n this on-the-job training program, candidates are expected to learn everything necessary to become successful police officers.

When you join the police force, you’ll probably start off with a respectable wage, with the possibility of a rise as you continue to work for the department.

The average police officer makes $66,000 per year.


3. Executive assistant:

Businesspeople, senior executives, and other professionals use executive assistants as trained professional helpers. A CEO might, for instance, have an executive assistant to:

  • Set up meetings
  • Contact additional executives
  • Observe the CEO’s schedule
  • Take inquiries for appointments
  • Set up the CEO’s schedule.

Overall, this is a desirable entry-level employment with a decent chance of career advancement. The starting annual income is fair, but there is room for progression with a degree program or other formal education.

Consider executive assistants as a person’s personal helper. Executive assistants are skilled time managers who are also outstanding communicators and organizers.

Without a four-year degree, many executive assistants earn decent incomes that total around $40,000.


4. Flight attendant:

In between flights, flight attendants check on passengers, provide food and drinks and clean the cabins of the aircraft. Large airlines, they handle the majority of the passenger services. One benefit of this employment is that, in addition to not needing a degree, flight attendants get to fly virtually for free and frequently receive additional company-related benefits.

Since they must travel to and from airports and are constantly away from home, flight attendants must put in a lot of overtime. Even yet, they typically have outstanding wages considering that they only need a high school graduation. The majority of this practical employment doesn’t require a degree, and there is a huge demand for it.

The average salary of a flight attendant is $61,000.


5. Electrician:

Young professionals are particularly suffering in many trades, including electricians. If you’re looking for a job where you can make money without a degree, being an electrician can be a wonderful choice. Instead, you would probably spend one to two years in a trade school and gain a lot of practical experience before working as a licensed electrician in your area.

For residential and commercial sectors, electricians install power lines, carry out maintenance tasks, and fix electrical equipment and power lines. Because they get to accomplish something new every day and because there is a significant demand for their skills, many electricians like their work. Once you have the skills necessary to become an electrician, you may be able to find work almost anywhere in the globe, giving you more freedom in your life.

An electrician makes a median salary of $60,000.


6. Plumber:

Like the job of an electrician, plumbing also pays very well despite not requiring a bachelor’s degree—or any degree, for that matter. Most candidates can obtain their plumber’s license from a trade school or a private organization with just two years of experience and on-the-job training. Additionally, technical schools don’t have expensive student loan rates.

In either case, plumbers provide vital services at homes and businesses by maintaining plumbing systems, repairing faults, and installing new fixtures. Since practically everyone requires plumbers regardless of the future developments in technology, they often have excellent job security.

If you want to concentrate more on the business end of things, you may also be able to start your own plumbing firm once you have enough knowledge and experience in this field.

An annual salary of roughly $60,000 is typical for plumbers.


7. Wind energy specialist:

Wind turbine technicians are more necessary than ever due to the rising focus on renewable energy. For cities, these qualified mechanics construct, maintain, and fix wind turbines. Because you must be at ease with heights, this profession can be a little perilous. However, you may be able to start earning a terrific wage in as little as two years if you successfully finish the on-the-job training program.

The annual salary for a wind turbine technician is $56,000.


8. Computer support specialist:

Consider becoming a Computer support specialist if you have an aptitude for information technology and want to earn more money more quickly. Computer support specialists assist clients, primarily commercial clients, with computer and technological issues. They must have some familiarity with computers and computer science, but they are not required to have a full degree in a particular major.

The average yearly salary for computer support experts is $34,000.


9. Firefighter:

In exchange for putting their lives at risk in some circumstances, firefighters also receive high pay. Before receiving their license, firefighters must undergo around two years of training and be in excellent physical condition.

After completing the course, individuals frequently enjoy excellent job stability and may be proud that their work is crucial. They frequently assist in putting out fires and saving people from burning structures.

A firefighter’s annual salary is roughly $51,000.


10. Real estate agent:

Real estate agents can make a tonne of money, depending on the market and their individual marketing and communication skills. Most of the time, real estate agents are employed by realtors or real estate firms. They receive their licenses in order to market and sell homes to prospective buyers.

Real estate agents are in charge of hustling to get exceptional bargains, therefore they must be skilled at negotiating and bartering. The highest-paid real estate agents frequently earn well over six figures, which is quite astonishing. Along with other experts in this field like contractors, salespeople, etc., real estate agents collaborate closely with them.

A typical real estate agent earns $49,000 annually.


There are lots of fantastic opportunities.

In the end, any of these positions can be excellent options if you want to increase your income without getting a degree. Before applying for available employment, make sure to conduct additional research and determine what each job requires.



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