How Short Videos & User-Generated Content Impacts Marketing?

How Short Videos & User-Generated Content Impacts Marketing

A new report by Munch looks into the rising significance of short videos in marketing for 2024.

Video marketing is turning into a fundamental strategy for a wide range of businesses. Videos are appearing in more and more advertisements and social media platforms.

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The paper gives smart data on the advancement of video marketing and the reasons it is currently a fundamental part of advertising plans.

Navigating the Video Content Landscape

The Rise of Short Videos

According to recent statistics, there has been a noticeable movement in viewer tastes towards short-form videos. A faltering 85% of respondents said they favored videos that endured 15 seconds or less. This demonstrates the increasing need for succinct and interesting video content.

Additionally, compared to larger videos, short-form videos receive 2.5 times higher engagement on average.

The growth in short video interaction has caught the attention of advertisers since estimates suggest that the money generated by these commercials could surpass $10 billion.

User-generated Content Leads the Way

User-generated content has a big influence on what consumers buy in today’s market. Companies are adjusting by reevaluating their content strategies and using more straightforward production techniques that make use of cell phones and simple tools. This approach allows them to create authentic, relatable content that resonates with consumers.

Enhancing Reach Through Subtitles

Features that increase viewer engagement and reach a wider audience, like captioning and subtitles, are becoming more and more popular. These accessibility options cater to both viewers who prefer silent videos and those with hearing difficulties.

ROI and Embracing a Video-Centric Strategy

Marketers are particularly excited about the possible ROI that video content may provide. In order to reach a wider audience, a lot of firms are embracing a video-first strategy and customizing their content for various platforms.

The need for video SEO has become more important as businesses aim for more online presence and search engine rankings. Videos with emotional narratives are acknowledged as a key component in increasing brand awareness and loyalty, which has a direct effect on a business’s expansion.


Video marketing offers opportunities alongside challenges. Initial steps like idea generation and scriptwriting can be time-intensive. The production phase demands investments in equipment and software due to the intricate filming and editing processes. Businesses also face the task of developing video strategies that align with budgets and resonate across diverse distribution platforms.

Though rewarding when executed effectively, video marketing places substantial demands on planning, resources, and strategic coherence.

Decoding Viral Video Success

Munch’s insights reveal common attributes in successful videos, such as a relatively fast speech rate at around 150 words per minute. Collaboration between 2-3 speakers providing diverse viewpoints is another frequent characteristic. In terms of optimal length, research indicates that the most engaging viral video clips are around 40 seconds long.

Platform Preferences & Tailoring Content

Instagram and YouTube continue to dominate as preferred platforms for businesses and content creators, with TikTok showing promise despite its smaller presence. This suggests potential challenges for its adoption as a platform for original small business marketing content.

Different industries exhibit preferences for specific content formats, with interviews being popular in media and finance, expert monologues in wellness and finance, and conversational, webinar, and explainer videos finding favor in their respective niches.

Summing It Up

The report underscores the increasing influence of short-form video content in contemporary marketing strategies.

Key trends include the prominence of user-generated content and accessibility features, with well-optimized videos presenting significant returns on investment.

Yet, the creation of high-quality videos demands thoughtful planning and allocation of resources. Ensuring videos are concise, collaborative, and in harmony with platform and industry norms enhances their potential for engagement and virality.

Businesses are advised to thoroughly assess their video objectives, available resources, and target audiences during the development of their video strategies.

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