Microsoft Expands Enhanced Conversions And Ad Targeting Capabilities

Microsoft Expands Enhanced Conversions And Ad Targeting Capabilities

Microsoft is set to roll out upgraded conversion features in all American and European markets in the upcoming weeks. Alongside this, the tech giant has unveiled fresh ad-targeting capabilities aimed at aiding brands in targeting high-value consumers.

Why does it matter? Utilizing these latest enhancements holds promise for significantly improving campaign performance. With more precise conversion measurement, campaigns can be optimized more efficiently, ensuring that advertisements are delivered to consumers with a higher likelihood of converting, thus enhancing ROI.

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Explaining Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced conversions integrate privacy-safe first-party customer data, such as email and phone numbers, allowing you to:

  1. Enhance the accuracy of conversion measurement.
  2. Track cross-device conversions.
  3. Comply with regulations by utilizing hashed and privacy-safe user information.
Microsoft expands enhanced conversions and ad targeting capabilities
Image Credit: Microsoft

Getting Started: To initiate enhanced conversions, you must establish online or offline conversion tracking to receive conversions.

Follow the user interface (UI) instructions for online conversions to copy and paste a code snippet into your website, similar to setting up the UET tag snippet.

Before uploading the user’s first-party data to the user interface (UI) for offline conversions, format and hash it according to the help page’s recommendations.

If you, as an advertiser, have already collected crucial first-party information from successful conversions, consider setting up enhanced conversions for more advanced customer matching and client prospecting. It is in beta and will be available to all customers soon.

Enhanced Ad-Targeting

You can now leverage in-market audiences in the U.S. and Canada based on company size and job titles. This feature allows you to target potential customers by their titles and company sizes, utilizing information from LinkedIn profiles. Anywhere in-market audiences are currently applicable—display, native, and linked TV—this functionality is available.

Microsoft expands enhanced conversions and ad targeting capabilities
Image credit: Microsoft

More Updates for February: Microsoft has unveiled several additional updates this month, including:

  1. Simplified campaign creation: With Microsoft’s new campaign creation view, setting up your campaigns is now streamlined, requiring just a few steps.
  2. Pause on deprecation of Hotel Center subaccounts: In response to customer feedback and the necessity for additional preparation for the transition to Lodging Campaigns, Microsoft is temporarily halting the deprecation of subaccounts in Hotel Center. Advertisers will continue to manage their campaigns through Hotel Center as usual.
  3. RSA (responsive search ad) update: Ad group and campaign levels can now view campaign asset reporting.
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