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  • Indian scientists have dismissed the findings of Albert Einstein

    An Indian scientist said that Albert Einstein was wrong and that gravitational waves should be renamed “Narendra Modi Waves” India has a long tradition of replacing myth with science that leads to a fringe culture of pseudoscience. Being under the part of Narendra Modi, pseudoscience has moved from fringe to mainstream as the Prime Minister […]

  • Can Apple Become The Next Nokia?

    In my age group, who does not remember Nokia. Our lives were run by those phones. We were in awe of it. Looking back today we may smile at us being in awe but at that time it was an awe that we all would defend with many arguments. None of us, including the Nokia […]

  • Sorry, WhatsApp is not the best messaging App and here is why

    Ever since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and its original co-founders have resigned from the company citing issues with Mark Zuckerberg; particularly on introducing advertisement in the app, things are not exactly the same with the world’s most widely used messaging App. WhatsApp initially started on the phone number model, people could add other people […]

  • WhatsApp to stop working on these phones now

    From January 1st, WhatsApp has stopped working on devices that run on the Nokia S40 software. It is stated on WhatsApp blog that older phones like Nokia 206, Asha 210 and few others will not be able to run WhatsApp. Users of Nokia S40 platform will no longer able to make new accounts. The S40 […]

  • Elon musk crying

    Elon Musk: I am about to announce a Neuralink product that can make anyone superhuman by connecting their brains to a computer

    Elon Musk says he’s going to announce a new “Neuralink” product that can make anyone superhuman. He smoked pot and drank whiskey on the Joe Rogan podcast and faced a lot of criticism for his public act but this discussion was done before he smoked pot. “I think we’ll have something interesting to announce in a few […]

  • Top 10 best smartphones of 2018

    It was a year where every almost smartphone went for edge to edge screen following last year iPhoneX mega success. Let’s take a look at CNET pick for top 10 best smartphones of 2018. The ranking is done on basis of rating which is a combination of price, popularity. 10. SAMSUNG GALAXY S9/S9 PLUS Samsung […]

  • 8 features of WhatsApp you probably did not know yet

    With around 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging app. Looking at this number, Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp now sounds a very smart move. Although the founding members of WhatsApp John Acton and Jim Kaun have left the company now and also gave up $1.3 billion in a long lasting tension between Facebook […]

  • Christmas Sale – BitDegree is giving FREE certificate

    BitDegree, one of the emerging distance learning website covering different courses is gaining quick popularity worldwide because of its high quality of education served. The website is giving FREE certificate to all students who grab any BitDegree Premium course with an 80% discount.  This Christmas offer is valid till 31st December only. It’s time to impress […]

  • WhatsApp could be getting its own cryptocurrency

    Facebook eyes on another dream: After kik, WhatsApp might also be another messaging app to support cryptocurrency payments. Bloomberg has reportedly mentioned after confirmation of concerned resources about the tech giants new venture for adding cryptocurrency support offered to WhatsApp users. Once implemented, WhatsApp users will be able to to transfer money to each other. […]


    Trump accuses Facebook and Twitter for supporting democrats

    When it comes to social media, the U.S. President Donald Trump is a regular critic and his criticism recently echoed another attack on Twitter. He accused the America’s tech giants of being biased in favor of the opposition Democrats. He took a swipe on Tuesday where he claimed that Twitter is making it more difficult […]