Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update

Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update


To improve search results, Google has announced the launch of the June 2024 spam update. This update targets websites that violate Google’s spam regulations.

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The update started on June 20 and is expected to take up to one week to finish, according to a statement.

Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update

Google’s Search Liaison clarifies that this update is not the algorithmic component of the site reputation abuse update.

That update has not been rolled out yet, and Google will issue a separate announcement when it does.

For the third time now, I’ll say again, I have every confidence that when we’re acting on-site reputation abuse algorithmically, we’ll say that. It’s not right now. I also won’t be responding to this particular question every week so maybe let it go a month between asking.

Background On Google’s Spam Updates & Policies

Google consistently updates its systems to eliminate low-quality and spammy content from its search results. Spam updates specifically target websites that violate Google’s rules, which include:

  • Generating content automatically just to boost search rankings.
  • Engaging in the buying or selling of links to manipulate rankings.
  • Featuring thin, duplicated, or subpar content.
  • Deceiving users through hidden redirects or other misleading tactics.

The most recent spam update from Google was released in March. Despite this update affecting many spammy websites, some AI-generated content still managed to rank highly in search results.

Roger Montti from Search Engine Journal analyzed the impact and found that certain AI spam sites ranked for more than 217,000 queries, with over 14,900 of them appearing in the top 10 search results. These sites utilized tactics like frequent content changes, AI-generated images, and standardized article structures, exploiting a loophole that initially boosted the ranking of new content.

Potential Impact On Search Results

The June spam update is expected to enhance Google’s spam detection capabilities.

Nevertheless, historical instances suggest that closing loopholes can unintentionally affect legitimate websites.

As is typical with major updates, the June spam update could lead to fluctuations in search rankings for certain websites.

Websites employing tactics that breach Google’s spam policies or heavily rely on AI-generated content might experience a drop in their search visibility.

Conversely, some websites may gain from the update as they encounter reduced competition from spammy websites in search results.

Looking Ahead

Google has stated that the June 2024 spam update could take up to a week to roll out completely.

After the rollout concludes, Google will provide an update on its Search Status Dashboard, allowing you to evaluate how the update has affected your search rankings.

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