Elon Musk to launch video-only feeds on X to compete TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Elon Musk to Launch video only feed to x

Elon Musk‘s X may soon release a feature that will compete with Instagram Reels and TikTok.

A source informed that the business is almost ready to debut a feature that will allow X users to receive a stream of films based on their interests. The videos will include both short clips and longer videos.

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According to X sources, it’s a method of organizing and showcasing user-generated and shared video content in a single tab.

A beta version is expected later this summer for a few users. Since buying Twitter in October 2022, Musk has pushed to release an upgraded Vine. This defunct 10-second video tool was originally integrated into the social media network.

When Musk posed the question to his 186 million followers in April, about 70% said he should bring back Vine.

Regarding the choice to introduce a video platform within Twitter, one source stated, “Vine was taken into consideration with this.” “Restoring that awesome video experience is the aim.”

With 200 million users at its height, Vine helped create viral movements like the Ice Bucket Challenge and raised money for ALS research.

Millions of Americans may seek new platforms for their videos if the TikTok ban takes effect. This could lead them to X.

According to the source, the new product would also feature live-streaming video, a feature that users haven’t had since Twitter discontinued Periscope in 2021.

This feature would be distinct from the current audio “spaces” where users can broadcast live chats to their followers and engage in real-time conversations with other X users.

According to X sources, a novel idea modelled after Vine can generate revenue if customers purchase add-ons and “verification.” X currently derives over 25% of its revenue from data licensing and subscription sales.

The action is a part of X CEO Linda Yaccarino’s bigger plan to increase the amount of exclusive material available on the platform. Other plans include bringing in well-known figures and negotiating agreements with significant media and sports organizations.

To provide unique content for X, the company has agreements with the WWE, PGA, NBA, Condé Nast, NFL, and WNBA.

The insider claimed that “X is becoming a new video destination.”

According to a person with firsthand information who spoke, X is preparing to release an app for smart TVs that will make it simpler to watch longer films on a larger screen.

It is anticipated that the X TV app, which is presently under development, will launch later this summer.

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