Track your Wallet and get notified when Stolen

Chased back to the days of early Greeks, the world did not begin calling them wallets. Wallets did not shrink quickly, they became pouches of smaller leather containers, but it wasn’t until the middle of 20th century that wallets began to resemble today’s version.

Much innovation couldn’t be brought to wallets as it was basically meant to hold cards, credit cards, and coins but technology changed everything. The makers of the Woolet 2.0 introduced the ability to track a user’s wallet and notifies when it gets stolen. The company introduced two models of Woolet 2.0 and each model contained some of the standard features.

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Each model contains a Bluetooth LE radio, built-in speakers with the ability of 90 decibels, and Qi wireless charging. This is unnoticeably sewn into the inner lining of the wallet and it’s hard to even tell it is present there. The wallets are handmade in Europe of leather and have a pin that coated in 24 caret gold. It also comes with a certificate attesting to the metallurgical ability of the pin, which is not something really common.

It is apparently really a soft, vintage looking leather wallet and any Qi compatible charger work with the Woolet 2.0 with the given six months battery time, it does not need much charging as well. The two wallets are different from each other in size and shape from standard wallets. The Woolet 2.0 wallet is larger with six dedicated credit card slots, along with a place for a passport.

The biggest benefit of this wallet is that users can get notified instantly if their wallet gets stolen. The information will enable users to call their bank or credit card Company to cancel their card before it too late. Both models of the Woolet 2.0 are available in black and brown. The standard Woolet 2.0 costs $129 whereas the Woolet Travel XL 2.0 costs more than $149.

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