Ahmed Shaami

  • techjobs

    Best tech jobs for 2018

    The advancing technology has placed a lot of impact on a company’s starting salary, competition, corporate culture, budgets and location. The adoption of the modern strategies is compelling large companies to do whatever they can to attract the top tech talent. For some, it all means to get a head start in filling for the […]

  • CEO

    11 Business Secrets From CEO’s Whose Companies Won’t Stop Growing

    About 39,921 businesses have appeared on the Inc. 5000 over the past decade in Inc.‘s ranking of America’s fastest-growing private companies. This year, the list celebrates its 10th anniversary. Here are 10 secret tips of success from successful companies CEOs. On Running the Company: Pinnacle Group “Don’t waste your time bringing in multiple customers through the front door if […]

  • oxford

    Times Higher Education Issues Top 10 Universities of 2018

    Times Higher Education, helping the world’s universities to achieve excellence has issued the Top 100 universities list of 2018. The ranking is made on the criteria of Number of FTE Students, Number of students per staff, International Students and Female − Male Ratio. Here is the latest ranking of 2018 top 10 Universities of the world. 10 – University of Pennsylvania […]

  • SamsungGalaxyS9

    New Galaxy S9, S9+ New pictures revealed before Feb launch

    Previously, we reported the leaked images of Samsung S9, Samsung’s latest flagship model that is arguably the company’s high-end luxurious smartphone of 2018. It is speculated that S9 and S9 plus will go head-to-head with high end devices such as Apple’s iPhone X with regards to the price and specs when it will be revealed later […]

  • sitting

    Undo the harm of sitting all day by using this simple technique

    You may have been told that sitting too much can be bad for your health which makes most of you feel guilty after a long TV binge. But you forget the seven or eight hours where you park yourselves at the office per day. Studies have shown that sitting longer can have terrible effects on […]

  • beingguru-iphonex

    Apple enables life-saving iPhone emergency settings

    Apple recently announced that the next version of iOS, 11.3 — will enable Advanced Mobile Location (AML) that will automatically send your current location to emergency services. Currently, the service is only for those countries where this solution is supported. It is a very pleasant introduction specially when Android has lot of apps working specifically for this […]

  • sad

    Self-destructive ways you can easily avoid and improve your life

    Sometimes it can get devastating when we push ourselves to become better and successful but at some points, go easy on ourselves. These are small self-destructive behaviors of which we are almost unaware of. These are the kind of behaviors that are not good for our physical as well as mental health. Even if we […]

  • happy

    6 Things that make you happier than others

    We wonder how some of the people see positive opportunities where we see doors shut? How they find peace in the work they do? And what helps them to face setbacks and failures so confidently and gracefully? It seems like they are the people from some other planet who exactly know how to move in […]

  • youtube ads cryptomining

    Malicious YouTube ads were used to mine cryptocurrency on your computer

    Cryptocurrencies are gaining massive popularity worldwide and that is encouraging many mining websites to comeup with new tricks up their sleeves to mine digital currency online such as Bitcoin etc. Cryptojacking is the new term that uses your CPU machine to mine the digital currency. Miners simply include a javascript code and when you visit […]

  • night-phone

    4 Nighttime habits to make you more productive

    As most of the people work in the morning so productivity is often considered a day strategy. It is the most cherished state that is desired by professionals of all ages and experience. They try to implement those habits in their lives which they think can make them productive every day. However, your nighttime habits […]

  • Rafay Baloch

    WhatsApp data sharing should raise privacy alarms.

    Whenever we sign up for websites such as Facebook, Google, Gmail, Yahoo etc. you agree with their “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy“. This agreement states that by agreeing to their conditions, we give them a right to use our information for better targeting of advertisements. These companies do a great job while securing their […]