Ahmed Shaami

  • Want to spur creativity in a noisy world?. Follow these 4 things

    It is hard to come up with any creative ideas in a noisy cubicle but a silent office isn’t ideal as well. The studies have shown that a perfect working environment should buzz with a little ambient noise. It is because peace and silence makes it harder for people to do their best thinking. But […]

  • 6 Things about the life you can learn from children

    When was the last time an infant gazed innocently into your eyes and smiled? Those wide and uncritical eyes have the power to elicit a bliss that eludes you most of the time. It makes your life feel beautiful and worth living for an instant. But as you grow older, worries and concerns brought by […]

  • Bill Gates Says – Chickens could be the ultimate solution to poverty

    Bill Gates recently announced his foundation’s partnership with Heifer International which is a charity that is focused on donating livestock to the needy families all around the world. Bill Gates has thought of poultry as an antidote to poverty and for this purpose he has given a donation of 100,000 to the organization. He made […]

  • Want to become successful? Apply this 7 step formula in your life

    Addiction is often thought of a negative connotation but it gets completely changed when it is related to success. It is because it brings in mind a well-defined vision of success and helps you to move forward by creating an inner force that you need to reach your dream. Following are the few ways that […]

  • Do you over react to things a lot? Here are 5 ways to master your emotions

    Everyone experiences situations where your emotions get the best of you. It happens often because you don’t realize what is happening until you are too far down the emotion train to change it. But what you resist, persist for a longer time. Therefore, the best time to handle emotions is when you first begin to […]

  • Do you lack confidence? Here are 3 ways to build self-confidence

    Over the past years, hundreds of books, TV show, and blogs have been launched, all trying to be the definitive source for improving self-confidence. But in this time, science has also gotten into action and has come up ways to boost your self-confidence. Confidence is just like a tool you can use in your daily […]

  • 5 Best books for mind, body, and soul

    You may not notice but books have a way of reaching deep within your soul. Especially, when the topic is based on your mind, mind, and soul, the result gets amplified. But there is a huge range of books and it becomes hard to decide where to begin. In order to help with your literary […]

  • 3 Secrets of effective learning

    It is no doubt that educators are always on the look-out for ways to make their teaching more effective. But it seems that the secret to effective learning may be less studied than it should be. When you start your job, you are bombarded with new concepts such as email click-through-rate, bounce rate, email service […]