Top 10 Global Brands in 2020

Forbes’s annual list of most valuable brands shows some amazing winners. Even during the pandemic, companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Paypal show huge gains in brand value since last year, The list also has some dropoffs such as Philips, Nissan, and Kellogg. Here is the amazing list of the top 10 companies.

Top 10 Global Brands in 2020:

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1. Apple
2. Google
3. Microsoft
4. Amazon
5. Facebook
6. Coca-Cola
7. Disney
8. Samsung
9. Louis Vuitton
10. McDonald’s

It is important to notice that six out of 10 brands are technology-based.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Samsung are all technology-based and another important factor worth mentioning is, the top 5 brands are also technology-based.

With $260.2 B in revenue, Apple tops the list by a long way. Its brand value is $241.2 B, almost 35 B higher than Google who ranks at 2nd position, Forbes reports.


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