Bitcoin price surges to 3-year high and is quickly eyeing $20,000

Bitcoin price suddenly surged on Thursday, trading above $15,000. It is astonishing to see such a huge price rise especially when you find that it was trading around $5,000 just in March. Surprisingly, the price gain comes amid pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the US elections drawing to a close.

Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have swelled too and experienced significant gains.

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Bitcoin has been on its way to stability, increasing-price in the last six months, providing huge confidence to the investors to catch up with cryptocurrency and re-targeting others to consider this investment who had earlier dropped off. It is also likely that if a stimulus package is issued by the government, the price of Bitcoin could further go up

Currently, Bitcoin is currently traded at 15,637.80 United States dollars at the time of writing this article.

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