9 technical skills for resume that can land you a dream job

technical skills for resume

The common lamentation among college students is that they are not equipped with the right kind of computer skills to put on resumes even after their graduation to apply for a job. Especially students of the arts as their majors do not consider their education capable enough to effectively translate to the real world.

But in today’s world, if you are worried about being not attractive to employers, you shouldn’t. Most importantly, everybody has skills which they do not realize. Sticking to the existing knowledge is of no use in the real world. The continuously advancing technology requires candidates to remain up-to-date with their skills and these skills need to reflect the resume.

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The modern skills of today make the employees stand out from so many eager candidates. There are some of the relevant skills for a variety of careers that make a person the type of candidate they look for.

Following is the list of all available lessons from which one can choose. Just to put in perspective, they are just a handful of examples for skills but you can explore many other technical skills for a resume, preferably all computer oriented.

1. Public Speaking:

One of the most important skills you will develop in your life is Public Speaking. Your business growth and professional relationships, all depend on how you communicate publicly. If you are one of those who fear public speaking, you must learn from this handy course.

2. Web Development:

Web development serves as a tool for companies providing them with a podium for their web presence. It allows them to get in touch with millions of web surfers all over the world. For beginners, it is a very good place to start with.

3. Adobe Photoshop:

The most popular software among web designers and image editors is Adobe Photoshop. This user-friendly software offers a lot of unique tools to help you unleash your creativity. In order to learn photo editing or graphic designing, you need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

4. Foreign Language:

Becoming bilingual is no less than a blessing. It may not be an easy task but the benefits are endless if you know more than one language. People who can speak a foreign language especially Spanish are more desirable in the eyes of the employees.

5. SEO:

It is the most important tool for website owners to attract traffic. It improves their search engine rankings and increases the quality of their website. Since the whole process has a number of rules and guidelines to follow, it should be considered as a framework. In today’s competitive market, it is demanded more than ever.

6. Microsoft Excel:

The basic spreadsheet program used in Windows is Microsoft Excel. A lot of businesses use it for payroll which means people spend a lot of their time entering and analyzing information. For beginners, the course provides basic lessons and important formulas. It also teaches some important VBA work.

7. Product Management:

Product management implements a business strategy and plays the role of market advocate. It guides a company on how to invest its limited resources and deliver competitive products. It is instrumental in achieving goals and acts as a voice of the market inside the company. This course can teach you all about product management along with professional advice.

8. WordPress:

Learning WordPress can give a boost to your career. Either you are an established editor or are new to digital media; this skill can help you understand how a website works at the back end.

9. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is used for monitoring and analyzing traffic on a website. It is a must for businesses that want to expand and grow online. The course on Udemy provides knowledge about website demographics as well as other information.

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