Ahmed Shaami

  • Overcoming self-doubt can be hard but these 5 things can help when you are in doubt

    For many people, it is natural to feel like an imposter sometimes but instead of dwelling in self-doubt, it is important to recognize your feelings. These feelings should be recognized as a healthy part of your personal and professional development. Self-doubt is something that can either make you indecisive on certain issues or can cause […]

  • 6 Simple ways to become a better person and be liked by everybody

    Throughout our lives, we all made mistakes that do not exactly place us in the best light like telling white little lies or hurting people. We grew up feeling guilty for those mistakes and they feel like a heavy burden on our heart and mind. Although we know that there is nothing such as perfect […]

  • These 5 things can make you go places in life and make you successful

    People want to have a good education, a lot of money, success, and happy life. They want to achieve everything they desire and want to become role models for others. These are the desires that are heard most frequently but they are always followed by excuses. These are the excuses that stop you from achieving […]

  • How to overcome shyness and social anxiety

    People not suffering from shyness may have no idea that how debilitating it can be especially in a professional situation. Shyness can truly hold you back because it makes you avoid public situations and engagements. It makes you suffer chronic anxiety while public speaking. But shyness is something that you can overcome with effort and […]

  • Texas school to be named after Malala Yousafzai

    Unlike any ordinary teenager, Malala Yousafzai has numerous accomplishments under her belt. She has become the renowned education activist around the world and has won the Nobel peace prize for her efforts. Malala became a supporter for girl’s education when she herself was too young. So far, Malala has won at least 25 prestigious awards […]

  • 6 Startups that you can begin on your own

    There are millions of people who are considering starting their own home-based business nowadays and for good reason. It is because on average, people expect to have two to three careers during their work life and those leaving one career, often think about their second career move being to their home. When people who are […]

  • 3 proven ways to stay consistent in life in order to reach your goals

    Consistency is the key to success in life and it is also the hardest to master. But the acquisition of a skill, a technique, or a lifestyle change requires you to be consistent. This is, however, one of the biggest problem people fail at and no matter how many efforts they make, it just doesn’t […]

  • 5 Daily habits that can have an impact on mental stability

    Defining mentally healthy is being in a place where you are thriving more days than not which gives permission to have bad days that don’t have to lead to a lousy life. But remaining mentally healthy is a goal that you look towards on daily basis but there are many habits that unknowingly influence your […]

  • How to remove the dark cloud of negativity that hovers over you?

    Sometimes it feels that a dark cloud is blocking the sunshine from your life and you find it impossible to shake off the negative feelings. If you have been experiencing feelings of stress thinking other people don’t appreciate you, your house seems gloomy and in a constant state of disorder, and you feel completely withdrawn, […]