Here is how you will be able to recover your WhatsApp history

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Maybe you find WhatsApp just a convenient way to stay in touch with your friends or use it for work. Either way, you must have some really important messages and media which you want to keep safe.

These messages and files pile up pretty soon and you have to delete some of them to save some space. But maybe you don’t want to delete any of those messages or files and save everything. Luckily, now you can as Google Drive is providing free data backups.

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How to restore WhatsApp chat history:

Facebook and Google have agreed in 2018 to have the messages backup/storage in Google Cloud free of any cost.

Although before the announcement the backups were free but now you will be able to do the same without having to worry about the upgrade of cloud plans. For saving your messages and media, all you need is to update your backups at least once a year.

Users are also advised to manually backup the media and messages on WhatsApp date so that no precious data gets lost because any data that has not been backed up for more than a year will be wiped out from that date.

Users can do it manually by going into the app’s setting or stay connected to WiFi when doing the backups.


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