Forbes Top 10 Best Under-The-Radar-Trips for 2020

Science says traveling gives you more satisfaction than money. It provides self-discovery and results in transformation by letting you escape the hectic city life.

In 2020, there is every reason you need to know to travel. Closed countries are opening up and traveling to remote destinations is just got easier.

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For traveling, a year back, many travel agents used to refer European countries to spend holidays but this has changed in 2019. Many new countries have surfaced on top with mesmerizing sceneries such as Armedia, Chad and guess what, Pakistan.

Pakistan has been mentioned as one of the best tourism destinations for 2020 by several international publishers such as The Independent, Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. The popularity of the country’s tourism has increased since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan in October 2019.

Places such as Fairy Meadows, Neelum Valley, Passu, Nanga Parbat, Huza Valley, Galiyat, Shangrila and many more are becoming center of attraction for foreign tourists.

Jonny Bealby, founder and MD of adventure travel specialists, Wild frontiers says.

Pakistan is perhaps the ultimate adventure travel destination.It offers ancient Indus civilizations stretching back 4,000 years, and exciting cities like Lahore with its forts, mosques, and palaces. But most of all, it offers incredible scenery, particularly in the north where the three greatest mountain ranges collide.

Here’s how the list of ten countries looks like.

  1. Armenia

  2. Chad

  3. China—for Nature Tourism

  4. Eritrea

  5. Semuc Champey, Guatemala

  6. Mongolia

  7. Pakistan

  8. Saudi Arabia

  9. Tunisia and Algeria

  10. Uzbekistan


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