TikTok hit 1.5 billion downloads, outperforms Instagram


Chinese social media app TikTok has just crossed 1.5 billion downloads. The company now ranks in the top three most downloaded app in 2019 in the non-gaming category.

The report comes from SensorTower’s latest analysis. The report shows how TikTok has outperformed Facebook and Instagram for maximum downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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Currently, it is only behind WhatsApp and Messenger for maximum downloads, both Facebook-owned companies. The data only shows the results of the Google Play Store and the App Store. it does not include 3rd party app downloads from China, the country where TikTok is most popular.

TikTok has about 614 million downloads. It follows Messenger who is comfortably placed at second place with 636.2 million and WhatsApp with 707.4 million at 1st position.

Facebook currently ranks at 587 million downloads and Instagram at 376.2 million.

It is interesting to know that TikTok hit the 1 billion mark in under 2.5 years. The company has generated 500 million installs this year.

India is one of the main countries where TikTok is highly followed. The country accounts for 31% of total unique installs.

China is the 2nd most popular country with 173.2 million unique downloads. This accounts for 11.5% of the total downloads followed by the United States with 8.2% of the total unique downloads

It is also reported that 65.9% of TikTok’s total revenue was fetched in 2019 so far. User spending was a total of $115.3 million in 2019. There is still one month to go before the current year ends.

The company is all set to take many other internet giants by storm in 2020.

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