Three Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blog

For personal bloggers and business bloggers alike, WordPress is a great platform on which to build a blog. It’s cost-effective, it boasts a powerful content management system (CMS), it grants users the chance to tweak their site on the go, it has convenient syndication, and it comes search engine optimisation (SEO) ready.

If you’re to truly maximise the potential of your WordPress blog, however, you cannot rely on all of these features that come as standard. If you want to take your blogging platform to the next level, you’re going to take matters into your own hands. More to the point, you’re going to have to put the advice laid out below into practice.

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Here are three ways you can improve your WordPress blog:

Know your WordPress terms

Before you go ahead and join the 75 million bloggers worldwide who are currently taking full advantage of the benefits that WordPress offers, you need to brush up on your WP terminology. Well, how are you going to enjoy the platform’s ‘convenient syndication’ if you don’t even know what syndication is?

Here are some of the WordPress terms that you need to know:

Action Hook — a feature that is added to a WP core file and gives users the chance to insert extra code

API Application Programming Interface is a codebase that allows users to interact with one or more systems at a time

Metadata — data that provides information on other forms of data

Post type — refers to different types of content

Syndication — the transfer of control or management from one host to another

Choose an optimised WP host

Should you ever feel the need to take your WordPress site to another level, you should consider the possibility of having a host. By taking such action, your WP site will be sure to enjoy faster speeds, enhanced security, and improved usability features.

If you want your users to be impressed by your blog, it’s imperative that you choose a host that offers a specific WordPress Hosting package, such as Krystal. Their triple-redundant 100% NVMe SSD architecture is designed specifically for WP, meaning they can deliver blog speeds that are a whopping 300% faster than other standard web hosts.

Some of Krystal’s most impressive and prominent WP hosting features include:

  • Daily backups
  • Scalability
  • High-availability (HA)
  • Super-fast speeds
  • Free staging
  • Integrated SSH

Install a publishing calendar

If your WordPress blog is to engage your audience, you need to be producing valuable and insightful content on a regular basis. To help you keep up with the demand of having to upload posts consistently over a sustained period of time, you should be sure to install a publishing calendar onto your WP site. This will allow you to schedule your content upload schedule well in advance, meaning you wouldn’t ever have to worry about missing the important publishing deadlines that you set yourself.

If you want to take your WordPress site to a whole other level, it’s essential that you put the above advice into practice.

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