WhatsApp similar “RCS” messaging rolled out to Android users in the US

In September 2018, we reported that Samsung and Google have teamed up to take on Facebook-owned app WhatsApp.

The idea was to introduce and promote Rich Communication Services (RCS). It is an upgrade to SMS technology that will enable users to send messages, make video calls and also send larger files within the messages like WhatsApp.

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If you are too impatient, there’s also a trick to enable RCS and use it instantly.

Today, there’s a little surprise for Android users. Google seems to be working to ensure the RCS messaging. Starting Monday, RCS is now available to all users in the U.S. The users will need to update both messages as well as Carrier services.

Android Messages Product manager, Sanaz Ahari confirmed the feature in a tweet.

It will have an end to end encryption. A feature for Android users to rejoice and getting closer to having an Android version of Whatsapp or iMessage.

It is also told that users in the U.K. and France will also have access to this feature in the 2020 summer. The service will be rolled out in more countries soon.

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