WhatsApp “3” New Amazing Features


Actively used by over 1.5 billion people every month, WhatsApp is the world’s largest chat/video chat service. Facebook-owned company is frequently introducing new features every second week.

One of the three new features includes setting up a reminder, call waiting and group chat invites.

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Any.do, a popular reminders app has partnered with WhatsApp to facilitate users to create and notified about reminders within the messaging platform. Both apps to be linked to work but now, setting up reminders such as meeting time or remind me to pick food, etc will be available within the app.

Any.do will notify by sending you a WhatsApp message to remind you, Daily Express reported.

Call Waiting:

Just like regular phone calls, the call waiting function is activated and the other person gets to know that the user they’ve called is on another call.

WhatsApp is also rolling out a “call waiting” feature to notify the caller about the user already engaged in a call.

This functionality will also allow you to decline the second call or end your current call to accept a new one.

Currently, there’s no such feature within WhatsApp that alerts second caller.

Group Invite:

Now, no one can add you to any WhatsApp group without your approval. In a new setting, you can choose who can add you to a group.

Previously, anybody could add you to a group chat and leaving a group would inform every group member.


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