How Mumbai Police Is Telling People To Honk Responsibly

In the subcontinent, honking is a serious problem. People use this facility as if they can’t get over this bad habit when their vehicle is parked at a red signal. Unfortunately, there the problem is also with the authorities too.

These issue driving licenses without letting the driver know about all the rules. Sadly, the road infrastructure is still not all-new, not properly maintained and with growing number of vehicles on the road, the mess just got bigger in recent years.

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People usually honk even when the signal is turned red as if their honking would send a signal to the “signal” to change the color.

People often do this to wake up the person at the start of the line. A public service message, self presumed that the person waiting for the signal to turn green in the front row is perhaps taking the liberty to catch up with much-needed sleep.

Disturbed by the growing honk problem causing noise pollution, Mumbai police in India have come up with a genius experiment and this could potentially solve the problem of honking in one of the world’s most congested traffic cities.

This experiment should be introduced everywhere in the subcontinent.

Watch the video:

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