WhatsApp to unveil a new ‘Read Later’ function

WhatsApp is introducing some amazing changes and additions to its App and one of the latest features includes replace of current Archived Chat function.

The new version of Archived Chats is called Read Later. It brings in significant changes to how messages are muted, or archived. The new feature ‘Read Later’ will keep adding all new messages to the archive and won’t prompt you with any notification. So here’s how it will work. When you set a message to Read later, it will function just like the current Archive feature but all future messages from the same sender will continue to add inside the archived chat and there will be no further notification unless you reply to the chat.

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The new feature is spotted in the iOS version of WhatsApp and will be rolled out to Android sometime in the near future, The feature is not officially announced yet so it seems like the company wants to test it further before announcing it to everybody.

All new changes can only be seen by people who’ve signed up for WhatsApp’s TestFlight beta program.

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