Do Freelancing and Bitcoin coincide for good?

Over the past five years, the number of freelancers in America has doubled. Now there are 53 million freelancers working in the country. Even people doing freelancing part-time, have increased three times in number, and contribute 20% of the entire freelancer’s group. This number of freelancers is expected to increase 50% of the US workforce up till 2020.

Freelancing, Discipline and Technological Unemployment:

For freelancers, it is not easy to get their hands on projects. They have to go through a lot before reaching to the desired level. Internet may have helped a lot in providing employment to a people but it has also given rise to technological unemployment. By accelerating productivity and output levels, technological progress has increased the economic growth but this all happened at the cost of employment rates in some of the specific sectors.

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Internet attracted a large number of people from different sectors of the economy. Some of the individuals found technology more flexible for performing work and preferred to acquire new skills rather than pursuing their traditional jobs.

Technology as the driving force for freelancing:

In the technology sector, the increase in startups influenced the control of decentralized internet simultaneous to the blockchain application development. This actually has helped to redefine remote work as an acceptable norm. Most of the freelancers belonged to technology, financial, software, and recruitment industries and for them technology provided a way to receive payments without the hassle of banking procedure. It gave rise to “Bitcoin” for the economic liberty for the unbanked. Freelancing and Bitcoin pulled talent and banking rapidly and gave rise to a medium with which freelancers receive their wages.

Bitcoin Freelance Platforms Begin to Emerge:

Around the globe, the combination of freelancing and Bitcoin is gaining immense popularity. For income rewards platforms such as BitLancerr, Fiver, and XBTFreelancer etc. have given rise to freelancing to this medium. These are the platforms that help freelancer and hirers to connect with each other and charge no more than just 10%.

Bitcoin’s Volatility and Cashing Out:

Freelancing and Bitcoin together are not much risky, users can easily trust upon the less volatile altcoins. The options and features related to cushion volatility are also available. Websites such as MyDish, Quantified, Coinsfer, and Bylls etc. are a much cheaper way if cashing out Bitcoin into fiat currency seems troublesome or pricey.

WageCan, a blockchain asset in the real world, helps freelancing and Bitcoin to co-exist in the favor of freelancers. It is not necessary to sell Bitcoins prior to when fiat money is required. Bitcoins are only changed just before the real-time exchange rates, at ATM extractions or at point-of-sale. For freelancers there is a choice to organize their finances and utilize Bitcoin as a payment method only when they find its value in their favor.

A Whole New Standalone Economy:

Freelancing and Bitcoin altogether are influencing the economy in a better way. This Bitcoin economy is growing at a faster pace and has so many surprises for people who want to benefit with from this method of payment.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)