Balmer called it ‘Cancer’, 15 years later Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation

Microsoft has been gradually embracing open source and is considered among the top organizations that are flooded with most open source contributors on GitHub. The software giant has progressively built up its empire on the closed source proprietary software. It was something unimaginable as 15 years ago, Microsoft’s CEO regarded Linux as a kind of disease. But this week, things couldn’t be any different as Microsoft has decided to join the Linux Foundation.

The executive director of the Linux Foundation has stated that by joining the base, Microsoft will able to collaborate with the open source community in a much better manner. This will help the company to provide more of the transformative mobile and cloud experiences to its audience.

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Microsoft has incorporated the Satya Nadella’s culture change into its company. Recently it has open sourced Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, and JavaScript Engine. To support Mobile development, Canonical and Microsoft have joined hands to provide Ubuntu to Windows 10 and acquired Xamarin.

Microsoft has been steadily embracing open source recently

Besides the news of Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation, there is also something surprising coming up about Google. The company is soon going to join the NET Foundation for controlling programming languages. This is going to form a major portion of the Microsoft’s competitor to Java and Android. Google is preparing to support .NET in its Cloud Platform but it has shown no sign for supporting .NET or providing apps for Microsoft’s latest UWP platform.

Microsoft’s upcoming software is built on top of Xamarin Studio that the company acquired earlier this year. The company’s open source news arrived besides a Visual Studio for Mac release. The new software will help Windows and Mac Developers to share and contribute to the same project.

Via: The Verge

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