Google’s next pixel phone may get curved screen as well

Every time when consumers think there is nothing more for tech giant Google to come up with, they get surprised with an upgrade. This year’s hottest trend of curved screens has also enticed Google to introduce this screen to on the follow-up of its Pixel flagship phone according to a report.

Google has recently planned on this upgrade and has reportedly offered to invest at least $880 million in LG Display Co. in order to secure a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its smartphones. This year it seems that Google’s smartphones are about to get a whole new level of curve. This new displays will allow the company’s phones to provide a much more natural experience for viewers while watching a video or even reading an ebook.

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Google seems to be interested in exploring curved displays just like Samsung and Apple. Although many other flexible concept displays were showed off by LG on several occasions but the OLED displays appear to be the only one who has caught the attention of the leading tech giants. On LG’s part, no confirmation has arrived whether it wants to proceed with the process or not. The proposal is under consideration by LG but Google might have very little options for getting a curved screen for its device. Also, Google is believed to working on an improved camera for its second generation Pixel phone. But it seems a way too short of a timeline for that to happen but Google phone users can hope to see the next-generation Pixel with feature displaying an OLED screen.

Via: Reuters




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