10 Best-selling online classes for $10 right now

Online learning is something where the future of higher education lies. It is a place where students find an option of taking online classes and studying on their own time. Online learning is something that not only trains the workers of future but also provides a career path for someone employed by enabling them to learn new skills.

In order to succeed, students remain in search of such online classes that can provide maximum knowledge and they can pay easily for it.

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Following is the list of such online classes that are being offered on Udemy for $10 each.

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  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0:

This is a great learning opportunity for those people who want to learn about designing their own websites and mobile applications. This course is very well liked by even those people who have just started with web development.



  • An entire MBA in one course:

This course complied by a former Goldman Sachs employee who has been teaching the lessons at the universities. It explains macro and micro economics, valuation of companies, and the working of the investment banks as well as the management consulting firms.



  • Become a writer:

Creative writing is something that builds upon reading as well as critical thinking. This course gives numerous tips to make your writing extremely professional. This entire course provides knowledge that helps professional writers to keep their work clear and summarized.



  • Ruby on rails developer course:

Originally designed to make programming fun, it also helps to build prototypes quickly with Ruby and Rails. This course is aimed at people who are new to this language and teaches the basics of coding in Ruby.

https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-ruby-on-rails-developer-course/?siteID=EHFxW6yx8Uo- RU3v8grsnah19fVrIgD4.Q&LSNPUBID=EHFxW6yx8Uo


  • The ultimate excel programmer course:

Excel is the basic spreadsheet program used in windows meaning a large number of computers using it. Students just having a basic understanding of this program can learn from this course. It teaches them to make spreadsheets as well as do more research.



  • Building personal brand:

This course is by Gary Vaynerchuk and helps explains the importance of personal branding in today’s industry. He is a three time New York Times best-selling author and provides a sage advice for the emerging talent.



  • Boosting memory and learning speed reading:

For sharpening your reading and memory skills, this course is a must take. It helps students to learn faster and retain all those new skills in mind.



  • JavaScript:

This course requires students to have a basic knowledge of JavaScript. It helps to become a more efficient coder and find bugs in your code faster.



  • Python Programming Tutorial:

It is the most important language to learn and provides a rich ecosystem for aspiring data scientists. With this simplest coding language, the course focuses on getting comfortable with the basic concepts of Python.



  • Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is essential for earning top spots in the search engine’s ranking. This course is extremely useful for promoting one’s visibility and growing client’s network.




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