7 Amazing Ideas for Home Renovation

Renovate Your Home

7 Amazing Home Renovation Ideas

Home remodels basically transform your home into an artist’s canvas. You suddenly become Picasso and it’s your job to transform your home into something incredible.

However, with great creativity comes great responsibility (that’s the quote, right?). You may find yourself sitting down with a notepad to come up with ideas and find your mind blank. Happens to the best of us! Whether you’re just going for some window tinting or a heavier project, it’s a big deal and sometimes it can be hard to think of good ideas.

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But don’t worry, young Picasso. This article is here to give you some great ideas for your next home remodel, some small and some a little less small. But these are all possible if you put your mind to it, get the right tools, and get ready to transform your home!

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1. Add A Trundle Bed as A Window Seat.

A trundle bed is the perfect way to use some extra space in your house. You might already have a window seat in your home, overlooking your front or back yard. And you may already use that window seat for some nice reading on a snowy day or basking in the sun a bit on a summer day.

However, by implementing a trundle bed, you can add an extra pull-out bed underneath the window seat. This is perfect for any sleepovers your children might have or if the dreaded in-laws are coming to town.

2. Bring Your Living Room Down a Level.

If you want to take on a bit bigger project, you can consider bringing your living room down a level to create a pit-effect. You can take a square piece of the living room and bring it down a level, add some stairs, and BOOM! You’ve got a cosy pit for entertaining the tons of guests you’ll have over after the renovation.

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3. Use Your Stairs as A Wall of Books.

Who wants a boring staircase anymore? Your staircase is probably screaming out to you to do something more than just hang pictures on the side of it. Why not hollow out the stairs a bit and transform it into a wall of books? You can show off your book collection to all of those walk by without taking up any extra space in the living room.

4. AndYou Can Use Your Stairs as A Handy Storage Space.

Once you’re done installing the bookcase on the side of your stairs, use the hollow space under the stairs for a storage area. You can create a simple handle system to pull up the stairs to reveal all of the stuff you just don’t know where to store.

5. Put an Entrance to Your Basement or Wine Cellar Under Your Kitchen Island.

This is a really cool idea that’s sure to impress anybody you invite over for some dinner and cocktails. After dinner and when you’re hanging out in the kitchen, you can open a hidden door on the side of your kitchen island to reveal an entrance down into your renovated basement or wine cellar. Descend down and impress everyone!

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6. Use Drawers Under Your Cabinets to Best Use the Space.

We always have the space below the cabinets in our kitchen that’s not used. Why not add drawers underneath the cabinets to store stuff like baking trays and cutting boards? These can simply be rolled out whenever you need to use what’s inside and frees up a lot of space.

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7. Consider Installing a Multi-Directional Shower.

If you want to add some luxury in your life, think about installing a multi-directional shower in your master bathroom to really get yourself clean. You’re going to be feeling great after one of these and you’ll be able to again, impress everyone who comes by.

Remodeling your entire home or part of your home can be a daunting task. But it can also be pretty fun! You have total creative reign and can completely transform your home into your dream home. Feel free to use that creativity to bring some of the above ideas to reality or make your own ideas!

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