Snapchat’s major redo and latest universal feature

Gaining a long-term following is the most important topic in the online world. SnapChat has recently addressed this issue by launching its universal search. It has been launched for come Android users and will be available for iOS shortly after.

This feature nicely targets the problem of attaining new followers. SnapChat continuously met the criticism over the issue for gaining new followers. Previously, SnapChat users had to gain on following by sharing their username or Snapcode outside the service or by adding everyone under the sun in hope that they would respond. For influencers from other platforms, none of these strategies created any vibrant routes which could solve the issue.

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The recent update adds in an all new search bar at the top of the screen that makes finding friends, Discover Publishers and Our Stories easier and more available throughout the app. With the acquirement of mobile search startup Vurb last year, it was assumed to become a part of SnapChat in near future. But with its recent shutdown, it seems clear that the company has been completely swallowed by SnapChat. Headed towards 2017 IPO, the improvements by SnapChat should lead towards augmented profits along with the arrival of new users that found the engine of SnapChat’s discovery a bit confusing previously.

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