Trump’s cybersecurity advisor is surprised over his own insecure website

With Donald Trump being in the seat of power, it is not surprising to come across the scare quotes every other day. In fact with every passing day, it is getting harder to be surprised with his every action. The latest mishap comes from a cabinet appointment. The former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is just Giuliani now, was tasked with protecting the nation from both foreign and domestic cyber criminals. But recently it’s Giuliani that got drilled on the risks involved in not following the rules that are actually taught.

According to reports, the founder of Phobos Group Dan Tentler was able to extract “read me” files with the help of a tethered mobile device on an airplane. Tentler stated that these files contain all the information that is required to perform all nefarious things. This kind of security hardly even qualifies as a security and the carelessness by such a top security company is actually shocking. The security of the company’s own website has taken zero time to strengthen its own security.

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Following is the screenshot displaying Giuliani’s expired SSL certificate and failure to compel users to a secure connection.

It shows that the top cyber-security advisor is unable to use an encrypted connection on his website. Then there is Flash which is so weak that it not even being used by Adobe anymore these days. But it does not matter as Giuliani likes things that move and is likely not aware of the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or any other ways to offer unified transition or animations without the use of Flash.


It would be exciting to check everything by oneself but this website is currently down due to high traffic. It is pretty astonishing for a nation to be led by a cyber-security advisor who seemingly has no knowledge of cyber-security. 2017 is a year where the news is made up and the cabinet’s preferences fail to seem to make an impact.

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