Good News, Samsung may not be killing the Galaxy S8’s headphone jack

Despite the Company’s fiery fall from grace due to Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone’s legacy isn’t over yet. There is a lot to look forward to its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. A lot has ridden upon the news of Korean manufacturing giant’s next phone. The prevailing rumors have convinced the buyers to believe that the upcoming phone will forego the headphone jack. But now it seems that all such stories were wrong.

According to recent reports Samsung is not ending the headphone jack. The news sources have confirmed that S8 will be maintaining the 3.5mm jack through its own source. The removal of headphone jack never seemed to be a good choice because it is one of Samsung’s only advantages against Apple.

Although the Samsung’s display unit has just given the first look of its upcoming Galaxy S8 but there is a possibility that the phone in the video is just a generic model. Also, the faint visible antenna line on the upper left corner and few LEDs or sensors to the left of the earpiece grill are the few nosy traces that indicate it’s just a render. But no matter what it is, it definitely has a headphone jack. Also there is a very least possibility for Samsung to create a render that matches all the speculated rumors up till now. But it is not going to take long for the audience to find out more about the upcoming phone especially with the number of increasing leaks.