7 self-sabotaging habits that you need to recognize and change in your life

In life, there are times when you feel everything is working against you. You feel that there are obstacles in your way to reaching your goals so you simply chose to give up. You fail to achieve what you want because you undermine yourself as defensive and it fills your mind with limiting or self-destructive thoughts. This is how you self-sabotage yourself at work and in personal life. You do not realize that it happens when you start to react subconsciously on not knowing what will happen in the future, fear, failure, confidence issues and so on.

This situation sends you in an auto-sabotage which limit from your work and even strengths for your whole life. You need to pay attention to the habits that are proving as the real obstacle in your way of success. Following are the few self-sabotaging habits that you need to recognize and change in your life:

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Suffering from Cinderella complex:

There are many people who loved reading and listening to the Cinderella story when they were a child. Cinderella was chosen among the rest to be blessed with what she could never have imagined. Unknowingly most people spend all their life suffering from that complex to be chosen for being given the best in life. This self-sabotages their success and stops them from making any efforts to achieve what they want in life. Stop thinking that someone else will help you achieve your goals, get out of your complex, and take action.

Giving away your power:

Your ideas are your own power, which you mostly give away easily. But if you keep your ideas to your own self and work consistently on them, you contribute more towards achieving what you desire. Avoid asking clarifying questions to everyone or accepting poor policies just stay focused and learn more on your own.

Blaming others for your situation or feelings:

Another most important element that forces you to dwell in self-sabotage is that you blame others for your situation and your feelings. When you complain about things rather than thinking about how to make them better, you waste your most precious time. It gives a way to negativity to creep into your mind and make you miserable. Start finding the positive in everything and you will see new ways to move forward.

Believe that your hard work will be rewarded:

Many of the people are extremely hard workers but they never become successful in living the life they want to or getting a position they desired. It is because they believe in just working hard. For achieving your desired goals, you need to show up and take charge of your own life. Ask for what you want and what you deserve otherwise you will remain forgotten.

Feeling inferior:

Many people feel that they do not deserve good things in life. They assume that they do not deserve to have success and it sabotages their efforts completely. when you are working honestly and doing your best, have a firm belief that you are capable of doing so and your efforts need to be acknowledged.

Being shy:

Being shy isn’t helpful in helping you reach your goals. The retreating shadows will never help you get ahead in life. When you have accomplished things in life, don’t be afraid to show your strengths. This is the self-promotion that is crucial for you to progress in life.

Not being self-aware:

Being blind to your own strengths and weaknesses is the biggest reason for self-sabotage. You need to be emotionally intelligent for recognizing your own pattern of thinking and feeling. You must make it a goal to learn and examine the human behavior. You should know what drives other people and be willing to flex your own style.

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