WhatsApp’s New Feature Will Let You Plan Events in Group Chats

WhatsApp to Roll Out 'Event planning' Feature in Groups and Communities

A new tool that makes event planning easier within group chats has been unveiled by WhatsApp in an attempt to improve its group messaging capabilities.

This most recent addition seeks to serve the requirements of friends, organizations, and communities by facilitating easy coordination for both online and in-person events.

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The event function, which was first introduced in WhatsApp Communities groups, is a major development for the Meta-owned chat service and is comparable to well-known collaboration platforms like Teams or Slack.

With this update, group members may now easily plan a variety of events, including birthday parties, business meetings, and more. It works similarly to traditional e-vite services that use email invitations.

The option to pin events to a group’s information page, making them easily accessible to all members, is one of the new events feature’s standout features. Every event will also have a specific chat thread that will help with RSVPs, conversations, and planning.

This guarantees effective communication between participants for any purpose, including verifying attendance, providing justifications for absences, or organizing contributions such as refreshments.

Additionally, WhatsApp is rolling out improved features for “Announcement Groups,” letting users interact with announcements by leaving comments and offering suggestions to group administrators.

Notably, people will be able to participate in discussions without bothering others with too many notifications because these responses will be limited to a minimum and the chat will be muted by default.

The basis for these new capabilities is WhatsApp Communities, which provides a chat app environment akin to Slack or Discord.

Message threads, group management features, and announcement features are all included in this feature, which increases the platform’s usefulness for different groups and institutions.

By utilizing WhatsApp Communities’ powerful 32-person video calling features, it also makes it easier to go from text-based conversations to in-person meetings.

Although the events feature is only available in WhatsApp Communities right now, all groups will eventually get access to it in the upcoming months.

With these updates, WhatsApp keeps improving group messaging and enables users to stay involved, organized, and connected in a variety of social and business settings.

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