Standard Chartered taking mobile banking to the next level, introduces biometric technology across Asia, Africa and Middle East

Standard Chartered on their website today has announced that it will be introducing new, innovative fingerprint and voice biometric technologies in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Clients will be able to access their bank accounts using their fingerprint or voice recognition.

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Standard Chartered would be the first international bank in many regions who will be reaching more then 5 million clients across Asia, Middle East and Africa. Client’s will be able to access their bank accounts, do transactions with touch of a finger “touch login” that will operate using fingerprint recognition in their smart phones.

The facility is already operational in India, UAE and will soon launch in China, Malaysia, African markets of Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Pakistan by the end of 2016 (depending on regulatory approval).

Karen Fawcett, Standard Chartered’s CEO of Retail Banking, said: “Fingerprint and voice biometric technologies give our clients more convenience and security when they want to access their bank balances, cards and investments, wherever they are and whenever they want. We’re bringing the latest digital technologies to all our markets so that we can offer easy, convenient and secure banking to our clients.”

The touch login is an innovate facility to banking consumers, it gives more security to the account holders when ever they want to access their bank accounts, balances or investments where ever they are.

Once rolled out, the app will be available on both iOS and Android.



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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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