7 Amazing Digital Marketing Tips That Could Make Your Brand Famous On Internet

In the 21st century, the rise of the internet and the proliferation of the digital as a media format, have brought some profound and unexpected effects. There have been observed some major consequences when it comes to going digital in marketing. The properties of digital media including accurate metrics combined with interactivity have created whole new marketing opportunities. But, digital marketing is drastically going to change in 2023 and the changes will not be liked by most people.

The most important reason that digital marketing is changing is because of the adoption of the latest technologies. But the saturation of the web is also a reason for the changes because there is one website for every four individuals in this world.

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Following are the ways digital marketing will change this year:

1- SEO will move to voice search:

Voice search was used by two out of every five adults in 2019 once per day. It has been predicted that by 2020, 50% of the searches will be done through voice search and it won’t be just people speaking into their microphones. Also, around 30% of web browsing would take place on a device with a screen. This means that Google Home or Alexa will be used for search purposes rather than searching on Google using smartphones or computers.

2- Algorithm updates will be more complex:

In 2018, there had been twelve updates but as compared to previous updates, this number was higher. There were 13 updates in 2017 and 11 in 2016. By combining the confirmed updates, you will understand that Google has been averaging 2 updates. As technology is evolving fast, algorithms are becoming more complex and harder. In spite of all the evolution in bots, the big site’s web linking to your website still matters the most.

3- Building a company of one channel:

When Dropbox initially appeared, it tried to acquire users through Google AdWords which ranged from $200 to $300. This cost Dropbox $60 and it raised its growth hacking. It provided users with more space when you invited more users. But nowadays, this cannot happen as people usually ignore the invites. Not you have to leverage all channels from content marketing to paid ads to social media marketing. Now, you have to adopt an omnichannel approach (a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience).

4- Blogging won’t remain as strong:

With the passage of time, Google will have no shortage of content. For everyone producing high-quality articles, Google would rank them due to one simple fact i.e. they lacked content in their index. This indicates that Google will be ranking content that isn’t regurgitated. The websites following the same content/news won’t get a high rating. Instead’ a blog with unique content that is first of its kind will get more preference in Google. So those blogs with unique content, never seen before will be Google friendly.

5- New search engines and new search types:

You just don’t have to just focus your efforts on Google; instead, you must pay attention to less-saturated forms of content such as video and audio while optimizing for less common search engines such as YouTube and iTunes.

6- Budgets will shift:

In 2017, Facebook crossed a point where they had more advertisers than inventories in the month of June/July at least in the US. This trend grew in other countries which means that Facebook Ad costs increased drastically. Companies spent the majority of their budget on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. In 2019, you need to start running A/B tests whether you use the crazy egg or any other solution, make it crucial to include it as your marketing strategy.

7- Marketing funnels:

In your professional life, you may have heard about marketing funnels but never have used them. A funnel isn’t something as simple as an email sequence. With ads getting more expensive, you will find yourself running more A/B tests. You will have to upsell or down-sell your visitors and the best way to generate revenue would be to get more money out of the existing customers. Lead capturing will work best, the businesses with the best lead-capturing ability will grow.


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