Dropbox, users can now download folders

The new update of Dropbox is aimed at providing peacefulness to the minds of its users while working. Paid users of Dropbox such as the Pro, Business, and Enterprise subscribers are now getting an improved feature which will allow them to download complete folders for their offline use. This will be extremely helpful while working under low connectivity issues. On WiFi, when users will choose to download files for offline use later, it will also help them save some data costs.

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The process for downloading is pretty simple, users need to locate the folder in the Dropbox app and tap the downward arrow to the right of the file. By pressing the button, the file will be available offline. Users will see it listed in the offline section of the main menu. The changes made will be synced up when the user gets online next time. Android and iOS users will be provided with this feature in the coming few days.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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