Top ten artificial intelligence technologies (AI)

New markets and new opportunities have been opened with advances in artificial intelligence. New ways have been explored for progress in education, energy, health, and the environment. Some machines have even surpassed humans in the performance of specific tasks. This is the reason; the market for artificial intelligence is flourishing. Numerous leading tech giants, as well as startups, have acquired the artificial intelligence which is helping them with an increase in investment and adoption by enterprises.

AI is contributing towards preparing the world for future with its existing and potential applications. The latest developments in artificial intelligence have the potential to improve people’s lives and helping to solve world’s biggest challenges and inefficiencies. Following is the list of latest AI technologies that are considered great

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Speech recognition: This is the kind of AI technology that transforms and transcribes human speech into a format that is useful for computer applications. This technology is currently being used in the interactive voice respond systems as well as mobile applications. The sample vendors for it are Nuance Communications, Verint Systems, NICE, and Open text.

Natural Language Generation: This technology is used for producing text from computer data. For now, it is being used in customer service, for summarizing business intelligence insights and report generation. The sample vendors for this technology currently are Cambridge Semantics, Digital reasoning, Lucidworks, SAS, Yseop, as well as Narrative Science.

Machine Learning Platforms: This is the kind of artificial technology that provides algorithms, development and training toolkit, APIs, data, and deploying models into processes, application, and other machines. A wide range of enterprises are currently applying it. The sample vendors for this technology include Amazon, Google, Skytree, Microsoft, SAS, and

Virtual Agents: This technology is currently being used in customer service and support as well as a smart home manager. It ranges from simple chatbots to advance networking systems. The sample vendors are IBM, Google, Satisfi, Assist AI, etc.

AI-optimized Hardware: The AI jobs include graphics processing units and appliances that are designed to efficiently perform the computational jobs. The sample vendors include Nvidia, Intel, IBM, Google, Cray, and Alluviate.

Deep-Learning Platforms: This platform consists of artificial neural networks with multiple abstraction layers. This technology is currently being applied to classification applications and pattern recognition supported by extreme large sets of data. The sample vendors of this technology include Saffron Technology, Sentient Technologies, and Deep Instinct etc.

Robotic process Automation:  This technology uses script methods for automating human actions in order to support efficient business processes. The sample vendors for this technology include Blue Prism, UiPath, WorkFusion, and Advanced Systems Concepts.

These are AI technologies that do face obstacles in adoption by various companies. Once these issues are tackled, these technologies will surely increase productivity and wealth around the world.

Via: Forbes

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