A new research ‘technostress’ explains how unconstrained emails and smartphones damage your health

There has not a lot of research on the effects of smartphone use on an individual’s health but experts agree that more research is fully needed to understand the potential health implications. For this purpose, an experiment was conducted in which the experts tried managing the email inbox.

According to the expert, Moya Sarner, the constant access to email because of having a smartphone can have bad effects on people’s minds. And the culture of always checking the emails is actually making more stressed which leads to anxiety, depression, as well as physical ill-health. This has been given the name of technostress. This is an entirely new field that explains that unconstrained emails are damaging people’s health.

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The term technostress might be new for many people but everyone must have experienced the symptoms at some point in life. The constant availability of access to emails can damage both productivity as well as the overall quality of working people. It is because when employees receive after-work emails, they feel exhausted.

There is already research that shows how smartphone usage is tied to anxiety, loneliness and depression. There are many direct connections established between the usage of smartphones and anxiety and stress.

This is becoming a growing problem and managers must pay attention to coming up with solutions for it. According to experts, managers can start empowering their employees to turn off their email when they are required to focus on their work. By modelling this kind of behavior themselves, they can provide clear evidence that it is acceptable. The global media is already inspired by leaders and managers who are paying attention to this problem.

Many leading managers and experts have suggested that the emails sent between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. should be returned to the sender the French workers have also been given the right to disconnect from technology which means that the companies will have to negotiate with employees on when and how they can switch off from work. One should follow these 5 ways of beating a smartphone addiction.

The Article is originally published on The Guardian

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