Make money writing by following these 8 ways

Writing for a living has no doubt, so many advantages. It gives you the option to choose when and where you want to work. If writing has been your hobby then you may have thought of turning your little talent into cash. Writing is a promise of creativity and personal freedom that attracts so many people. But the truth is that most of them don’t think about the practicalities of becoming full-time freelance writers. For becoming a full-time writer, you have to think about the uncertainty, the rejection, and the self-doubt. You have to think about all the unglamorous tasks that make the life of a writer actually possible. This is the reason many people keep thinking that someone will approach them and will say

You have to make an effort to actually work on your dream of becoming a writer. You need to know how you can make money as a writer and create a concrete plan to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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Once you start taking real action, you will see lots of options available from various parts of the world by working through the internet. To start making money, the following are the quick actions that you can do:

1. Ghostwriting services:

If you are good at writing, you can start offering ghostwriting services to others. It will enable you to write without being credited for your work. If you are good, many top bloggers, influencers, or individuals will be happy to hire you for their writing.

2. Guest blogging service:

On the internet, guest blogging is one of the most important marketing strategies. This is the reason companies and organizations remain in search of writers who can write for their blogs. When you get experienced with guest blogging, you can easily take a few clients and make money on a monthly basis.

3. Paid email newsletters:

When you know how to write, it is not difficult to write and talk about different subjects. It will take you 15 to 30 minutes to write a quality email and you can make money by sending it to your client. Here is how you can increase your email subscribers.

4. Sell mini-guides:

A sweet and easy strategy to make money through writing is to sell mini guides. You can create a quality source of passive income and can easily replicate it in various niches. You can write a mini guide up to 5 to 7 pages and it can sell from $7 to $10.

5. Write for paid blogging sites:

Nowadays, there are various blogs online that are looking for writers to contribute content. In exchange, they pay writers cash and pay in excess of $50 per article. You can make money by writing for about 1 to hours for these websites.

6. Content for magazines:

There are so many magazines that publish tons of articles on a daily basis. If you are good at creating content then you can write for offline or online publications. You can get ideas to see what they think about it and if your article gets accepted, you will make money up to $100 to $200 per month.

7. Copywriting services:

Through online services, copywriters can earn a lot. Develop copywriting skills and get paid for your hard work. Decide on how many clients you can work for and decide your rate. You will be paid as much as good your copywriting skills are.

8. Write eBooks and sell:

There is a trend of eBooks nowadays. You can easily make money by writing and selling them. These eBooks can relate to any subject and make money from it because it costs from $37 to $97 in the market.

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