Increase Email Subscribers

Congratulation, you’ve just published your blog in the world of Internet and working with full of enthusiasm to monetize your hard work and make some money out of it, right?

Unfortunately, publishing a blog is not a big deal, the biggest challenge is to do it’s  branding in the right way, so you can make most out of it. If making money through a blog would as easy, then we’d have thousands of dollar in our pocket, and we’d be spending our days and night on the beach by drinking fancy cocktails. Very sadly to say, this is not the way the procedure of making money out of blogging works.

While expecting to earn even a single penny from Internet, you want to make sure, heaps of traffic is being generated on your blog.

It doesn’t matter what monetizing platform you use. If you want to monetize your blog through banner ads (which is the worst possible ways of monetization, because it sounds like advertisers are purchasing Ads from you, and they’re making money from you), however, if you want to make money online just by showing Ads on your blog, you want to make sure you’re generating traffic to your blog.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the singular thing you should do: Getting a visitor from Search Engine and start jumping on your bed and start sharing the happiness. Your main goal should convert your one-time visitor into subscribers.


Because 70% of the visitors you get on your blog are more likely they’ll never visit your blog again once they clicked button “X” and left your blog.

This is why it’s so crucial to start concentrating on list building. If you don’t know what list building is, then here come its definition:

It’s when a visitor subscriber to your blog, and when you a publish a new stuff on your blog, they get notified through Email and they will be more likely to visit your blog.

In this way, you can generate hundreds of thousands of traffic.

In this article, I am going to show you some steps that will surely help you to grow your Email subscribers. Keep in mind, the tips I am going to tell you in this article will be kind of nuts of bolts. I wouldn’t like to explain all the tips in this article simultaneously.

But, before you get started, you wanna make sure you have a goal set up in your mind for your blog. Are you blogging just for the sake of making money online? Do you want to generate sales to it? You want to grow Email subscribers – et cetera.

List Building is one of those simple marketing strategies that a lot of pro bloggers have been using since they knew it’s importance and also suggest their followers to do the  same.

One of the bloggers suggested me: you should start building and focusing on List Building from the first day of your blog.

See pro bloggers like Ryan Biddulph, he has published 128 (publishing more) books on his main blog, and now he sends 1 book per Friday to his subscribers.

Why? Because he knows the importance of List Building. In a nutshell: whenever someone subscribes to his blog, the subscriber gets one free E-book. In this way, he generates so many Email Subscribers.

See pro bloggers like Syed Balkhi, see bloggers like, Darren Rowse, Zac Johnson, Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin even. All they are serious at List Building. They even don’t consider Search Engine Optimization so worthy.

Let me give you a quick example.

Why Rand Fishkin redirected SEOmoz to Moz only? Because he knew it doesn’t matter what domain you use and how well your SEO is, you ought to generate subscribers to your blog at any cost.

Let’s get started and see what those tips are that I use to grow my almost each and every blogs I published.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Keep Publishing Quality Content

The quality of your content is very necessary to attract blog subscribers. The first step to take in increasing your blog subscribers is to produce a good content. You need to make the first few paragraphs of your post be catchy, interesting and engaging to keep your subscribers always on your site and make them subscribe. No matter the amount of advertisement you do for your blog, without writing quality content you will keep losing subscribers.

I’ve posted an article on my blog, I am fairly certain you’d want to check: How To Write A Blog Post That Gets Shared Everytime

Work on producing a quality content and follow other steps that we’re going to learn below and you will notice a gradual and progressive increase in your blog subscribers.

Also, you can add a simple text or an advert to subscribe to your blog at the bottom of each post. If a visitor reads your post and likes its content and originality, they might be interested and would definitely want to subscribe.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a very good and easy strategy of increasing your blog subscribers. When you contribute to someone else’ blog, you stand to gain exposure for your own blog and build a good platform for people to advertise your blog. All you need to do is just to request from the blog owner to let you write a brief intro about yourself with a link back to your website.

Here are the two searches that I use to get almost all the pages related to my niche who accept guest posting on their blog:

Intitle:”write for us” intitle:”your niche” (like blogging)

Inurl:”write for us” intitle:”your niche”

Someone webmasters will give a do follow backlink or no follow. But, No follow links are eventually links. They’ll pass link juice too. You can check this article at to know the hidden power of no follow links.

However, remember to write a good and original content as that will determine the number of people that will subscribe to your blog.

Participate in Forums

Posting in social networks and forums is another tip to increasing your subscribers if it is done wisely. By participating in forums especially, by participating on those forums which match your blog niche, you are indirectly advertising yourself. People will get to notice you and will love to know more about you and what you can offer. This will push them into visiting your sites and indirectly your subscribers will be increasing.

Building a Cordial Relationship with other Bloggers

This is one of the magnificent ways of increasing your blog subscribers.

You might be noticed that whenever I post on my or someone others blog, I feature at least on the best bloggers. And this is one of the reasons, why I generate so many re tweets and links. They’ll not subscribe to your blog, but they’ll be more likely to share your article and ask their followers to subscribe to your blog.

Building a good relationship in any business is a fast way of making it. It is a known fact that nobody likes to have a parasitic friend. You cannot build good relationships by being parasitic. The same applies to blogging. Going about begging for links from other bloggers might not give you what you are looking for. These bloggers are looking for who will add value to their site and if you can look for ways to provide them with services or render help to them; they will feel your relevance and will naturally link your site in their post too. In this way, you can generate so many subscribers. The more subscribers you’ll be having, the more traffic you’ll be generating, and so money too.

Make your Content Search Engine Optimized

This is one of the simplest tips you can leverage. You can try, and you might be seeing some positive result.

One of the simplest ways to boost your subscribers is to drive heaps of traffic to your blog. The more traffic you’ll be acquiring, chances are higher too that someone subscribes to your blog, if your blog quality is actually high. If someone lands to your blog and see your blog sounds great, they’ll no doubt subscribe to you. If 100 folks go to your website, 12 will give you their Email, and thus you can convert them into subscribers.

Ensure the focus keywords are well targeted to rank in a search. The importance of having a search engine optimized blog content can never be underestimated as far as blog subscription is concerned.

Ensure any article you post is SEO optimized.

One more thing you should keep in mind, i.e. your post shouldn’t only be SEO friendly, it should be user-friendly too. This is the reason why Page Loading Speed have been one of the main factors of Google Ranking.

Don’t get me wrong, publishing article is just the beginning of your journey, you’ll have to spread your content around the whole Internet and you want to make sure your content is being reached by your targeted audiences.

Feel free to check this article on how to promote your content in form of building Backlinks: Link Building Strategies: 56+ Ways To Build Backlinks

Make your Subscription Button Obvious and Loading Speed well Optimized

Your subscription button should be obvious. It should not take your visitors minutes just to figure out your subscription button. Put it right in their face, and make it unique. Also, you know that users do not like visiting sites that take the whole time loading. The slower your loading speed, the more subscribers you stand to lose. Visitors might not be able to read that wonderful content because of a slow loading speed. You can also be penalized for that. It is really a necessity to look into your loading speed in order to boost your blog subscription

Check this great article written by someone at How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website

Motivate your Subscribers

Advertise your blog and offer incentives to your subscribers. You can offer a free eBook, dedicated email or a reward for anybody that subscribers through a particular page which you previously set up. People that will not have subscribed to your blog will be forced to do it just because of the incentives or freebies. By so doing, you are indirectly reaching your desired goal of having more blog subscribers.

Also, if a visitor visits your blog, they will be needing some conviction as to why they have to come back again and again. You need to intimate them with what they stand to gain if they subscribe to your blog. It could be email marketing, SEO content, blogging or anything you can offer them. Let them just know what they stand to gain by subscribing to your blog.

Another salient thing to take note of the quest for increasing your blog subscribers is that you have to advertise your ‘About us page’ very well. Let people know more of your blog.


In summary, always remember that the most important thing to do in order to increase your blog subscribers is to produce a quality content; the best you can post. If you are not doing that, other tips might not give you what you want. When you that and follow the above-mentioned tips to increase your blog subscribers judiciously, you will surely get the blog subscribers you have ever wanted.


shakir hassan

Credit: This post was an original contribution by one of the CEOs of TechStant, i.e. Shakir Hassan. He is 14 year old, school going student from Karachi, Pakistan. He started blogging when he was in class 6 (12 years old). He has been featured on the sites like Huffingtonpost, GoBloggingTips, Top10BestPro, AllBloggingTips, and so more. You can know thoroughly about Shakir Hassan from here, Shakir Hassan. You can follow Shakir Hassan on Twitter.