What Can Print Ads Do That Broadcast Ads Cannot?

What Can Print Ads Do That Broadcast Ads Cannot?

In the digital age, one may believe that print ads are a dead marketing medium. However, that’s far from reality. Creative print advertisements still hold the potential to impact an audience positively. Even though digital and broadcast ads may feel like they are everywhere, there are certain areas where an ad printed in a magazine or a newspaper could have an edge.

Here’s what makes print advertising stand out:

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1. The Impact of Print Ads Lasts Longer

Broadcast ads on digital channels and televisions flash for just a few moments. When was the last time you sat through a commercial break and watched the ads? 

In comparison, the shelf life of a print ad is much longer, as newspaper and magazine prints offer a tangible medium for conveying a message. Depending on the readership of a particular newspaper or magazine, a printed ad is likely to be seen by more readers.

Studies show that marketing material in print performs better than digital material when it comes to recall, comprehension, and persuasiveness. Some even believe that broadcast ads on the internet can be extremely distracting for the audience, given that they are often accompanied by links to buy the product.

2. Print Ads Are More Affordable

Television/digital streaming ads are not cheap to produce. They can set you back by anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000, although the exact figure depends on the channels you are targeting, the ad length, and the ad format. Spending an astronomical amount of money on marketing alone may not be possible for every business, especially those that are in the initial stages of capturing the market.

On the other hand, the budget for a print ad can be customized to your needs. In terms of value, these ads turn out to be more cost-effective, as you can select the newspaper or magazine you want to place an ad in, depending on the audience you want to target. 

With print ads, you don’t need to rely on a “see what sticks” strategy where you try to capture the attention of as many members of the audience as you can. You can narrow down the target and keep your ad laser-focused. For instance, placing ads in local newspapers is the ideal approach if you want to target customers in your neighborhood.

3. You Receive Higher Engagement

There are plenty of people who still read print media. If you are targeting older generations who may not be as tech-savvy as millennials and Gen-Z, print media is the best way to grab their attention. Those who subscribe to newspapers or periodicals have made a conscious decision to read, and targeting them with print ads is more effective than placing broadcast ads on channels they are not familiar with. 

Such readers are more focused on the message they come across while reading a newspaper or a magazine. As long as you have a powerful headline and a creative concept, you can grab and maintain their attention. Moreover, printed ads score big since they are not fleeting. Your audience doesn’t have to scroll up or down to locate the ad. They can read the ad multiple times without any trouble.

 4. You Get More Flexibility in Deciding the Terms

Most advertisers allow their clients to choose where the ad should be placed. Depending on your budget and target audience, you may choose the prime real estate where you are likely to get the highest visibility. Additionally, print advertisers also have the option of placing different sizes of ads. You can opt for smaller ads on multiple pages or a single ad on the front page. 

Newspapers and magazines with a regional edition can also work well in case you want to target an audience based out of a particular location. All you need to do is tap into your creativity, based on the amount of space you have.

Additionally, most print advertisers support a quick turnaround in case any changes are required. So if you have to make any last-minute changes, you can usually do that without having to jump through additional hoops. If you are on a tight deadline, this is a huge bonus. This may not always be the case with broadcast ads, as advertisers require notice in advance about any unscheduled changes.

5. The Exposure Is Not Time Bound

Broadcast ads run during specific ad breaks. When you place an ad on TV, it’s shown a certain number of times based on your agreement with the advertiser. In contrast, printed ads can provide you unlimited exposure anytime you want them. As long as the newspaper or the magazine is in the house, there is the possibility someone will see your ad and connect with it.

Broadcast ads also receive more passive engagement, as people usually multitask while watching TV. If you are aiming for meaningful engagement, opting for printed advertising over broadcast or digital can drive quality traffic your way.

6. You Can Respect the Privacy of Your Audience

Broadcast ads are everywhere, and when you throw social media channels in the mix, there’s virtually no space untouched by product placement.

That’s generally not the case with print ads, as they are non-intrusive in nature. Given that we live in times where privacy is extremely hard to protect, print advertising offers a better avenue for showcasing your brand without becoming overbearing.

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