How To Make Money Through Content Writing?

A complete guide with links to the websites that pay writers.

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In the age of digital freelancing, with so many skills in demand and paying well, many of these skills will fade out in the near future. But, today and in the future, content writing will not only survive but will also grow. Freelance jobs. Freelancing is getting extremely popular among people all over the world. It is powerful, people can work at their own pace and offer the services they specialize in.

A freelancer does not have to abide by strict nine to 5 job timing and go through the hassle of commuting to the workplace. Computers and the internet have changed the world. Freelancers offer their services from the comfort of a couch or bed without leaving their homes. This increases their efficiency and they can also work unlimited hours. The more freelancer works, the higher the chances of grabbing more projects and making more money.

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One of the most in-demand skills as a freelancer is writing. With the automation of machines and the industry, the importance of writing about them has also risen. The same goes for research and development, the content is growing high in demand. We know, data is the new oil and the content will also aid data in one form or another. If you can write grammatically correct content, irrespective of your native or non-native English, you are all set to make good fortune as a freelance writer.

Bloggers are making good money, if you have a command over a particular subject and can write well, your blog can fetch good revenue and the best part is, blogging is the only form of freelancing where you do not have to search for freelance work daily, instead, if your blog gets ranked well, the traffic on the blog will earn you money from different advertisement partner programs.

But hey, wait a minute. What if someone is not interested in opening their own blog and wants to make money as a freelance writer?

Writers who have great comments on written English can make good money as freelance writers. They can offer their services on different freelance marketplaces and can make good money by getting the jobs done.

The biggest freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, and Freelancer all post daily projects looking for writers. The typical jobs requested for a writer include writing for a blog, a research paper, writing an article for a magazine or a newspaper, or writing content for a website.

The content in demand is usually requested to be search engine optimized. It means, if a client is paying top dollar to write quality, non-plagiarized content, they expect content to have SEO-optimized keywords so their website or blog can rank well on search engines, Google, in particular.

As a writer, there are many tools that assist you in writing grammatically correct English. One of the famous tools is Grammarly. This amazing plugin for Google Chrome is easy to install and activate.

When you write, it points out grammar and spelling mistakes, taking away the hassle of proofreading your content.

Here is a screenshot of the above two paragraphs before corrected by the Grammarly Chrome widget. Look at the red underlined mistakes. Isn’t it amazing?

Okay Cool, I can write well but I have no idea how to work as a freelancer. What should I do now?

Setting up your profile as a freelancer to win projects on Upwork, Guru or other freelance marketplaces is easy. If you follow my top secrets of winning freelance projects on Upwork, Guru, you can not only get started but also win your first project very soon.

Here is how the process works.

  1. Setup your FREE profile as a Freelancer on a freelance marketplace
  2. Upload your picture/logo as a profile picture
  3. Describe your services, content writer in this case
  4. Upload your portfolio, I would advise opening up a free account on and writing 4 to 5 posts. Copy those links and paste them as a portfolio on the freelance marketplace under your profile.
  5. Upload your personalized one and half minute video. Appear on the video and introduce yourself. Please be prepared, the lights, sound and camera quality should be good and you should speak well and should be nicely dressed up.
  6. Once you set up your profile is finished, search for the writing projects
  7. Bid on the projects, tell the client, what you can do for them, how long will it take to finish the job, and what will be the price for the job.
  8. Clearly, state the milestones for the deliverables and the price.
  9. If selected for a project, communicate well in PMB (project message board)
  10. Be gentle, be polite. Sometimes clients need to be briefed and given a walkthrough for every step of a project deliverable.
  11. Once the job is completed, invoice the client, and once paid, withdraw the money to your local bank

Cool, but I don’t want to offer my writing services as a freelancer too, how about some sites that pay writers well for writing?

So considering you do not want to have your own blog, you do not want to spend time looking for writing contracts as a freelancer, what else you can do? The good news, there are many websites that pay writers well for writing content for their clients.

Here are 400, hand-picked selected websites. They are accepting applications for content writers. If selected, you can make good money working for them as a writer.

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Apart from these good-paying websites, Content Mills is also an easy way to earn money for writers.

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