Freelance Work From Home

Freelancing makes you aware of your inner qualities devoid of any external affiliation. It is an adventurous journey especially for women who are hesitant of going out for work. Many people often wonder about freelance work from home, its advantages and why they should choose to freelance over a fixed salary job?. By working from home, a freelancer is self-employed, they are boss of their own and they do not have to go out for a 9 to 5 job. They can work at their own pace and can make unlimited money as compared to working for a fixed job.

Freelancing is getting popular, especially among female in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. In these countries, it is not usual for a female to go out and work for a job. As a freelancer, they can devote all their time and energy by learning a skill and providing a service on different freelance marketplaces.

Freelancing allows everyone to pick up exciting projects of their own choice, make more money, and rediscover their true self. According to UpWork, freelancers are making more than one billion annually on their platform alone. The most basic service a freelancer can offer is creative writing and they can make good money by offering this service.

Freelancing is a journey that different aspects of life and helps you find ways to manage the expectations of a competitive world. Freelancing helps you to move in a direction and present a version of yourself that no longer feeds insecurities. Recently, there has been rapid growth in freelancing all over the world.

It makes you feel your true potential by honing your skills and drives you into a direction that brings fulfillment and accomplishment.

Working in your own time zone:

This is something that you may not take into account while working as a freelancer on a daily basis especially when you are working for people in a different time zone. You need to focus on your productivity irrespective of the things you cannot control for ensuring effective freelancing.

Your time zone affects your productivity, therefore, instead of considering all the entire day is available for your work, set a specific time for yourself. As a freelancer, you have to organize yourself for maximum productivity. You only make a name for yourself and make good money if you prove your worth.

Following are the ways you can increase your productivity by working in your own time zone:

Identify your most productive time of the day:

Studies have shown that people are most productive at 10 am on Monday mornings and can work on their peak levels. So, identify which working hours of yours can make you work at your maximum potential. Then set your work during that time and you will see your productivity increase.

Use music to your advantage:

Research has revealed that people who listen to music during their break between tasks, they finish their project more quickly. Better ideas come to their mind while listening to their favorite tracks and their energy levels stay high.

Make your to-do list work:

When you make a list to get done with your projects, make it as such that it actually works for you. Take out a minute daily and bring your big items into sub-tasks. Also, color-code your tasks to feel good when you look at your to-do list and link emotion to every project that is present on the list. This is a guaranteed strategy for increased productivity as a freelancer.

Hiring freelancers:

Entrepreneurs turn to freelancers for carrying out small tasks instead of employing full-time workers. It is because, for the entrepreneur, this strategy tends to be cheaper, requires less paperwork, and gets the work done on time. But for that purpose, you need to know the right place where you can find the right person for your job.

If you are a little aware of the freelancers’ market, you probably will be aware of the websites such as UpWork, Being Guru, Freelancer, etc. which are great resources for providing freelancers with endless job opportunities. These are the websites where you will find tons of freelancers from all over the world with a wide range of skills. This is a perfect solution for freelancing needs but it is most suitable for women who like to work by staying home. These websites provide the best source of freelancers as well as the best place to get online jobs in your local community.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)