Top 50 Sites That Pay Good To Writers (1st Edition)

Building a thriving writing business from the comfort of your own home depends upon seeking the right websites and publications that pay well. The demand for such websites is rising and people always want to be updated time to time for the websites that pay them to contribute articles. The general problem is, not many people have access to the website who want to pay for articles.

Following is a compiled section of the best websites that are proving to be a good resource for skilled workers.

In this first edition, you will get to know the Top 5 websites (Out of 50). The next edition will reveal the further top websites for writers as we are working on compiling the best list for you.

These are the websites that pay well for writing articles. You can earn even up to $1000 a month depending on the quality of your work.

1. Writers Weekly:

Niche/Category: Writing

Amount per Post: $60

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

These 600 range articles are aimed at helping writer earn good amount of cash for their expertise. For each article, they pay $60 to the writer.


2. The Penny Hoarder:

Niche/Category: Finance
Amount per Post: $75-$800
Payment Method: Paypal
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
This website is a finance blog and accepts articles regarding earning, saving, and investing money. The basic purpose of the platform is to assist readers in growing their income. The word range is 700-800 for the articles and you have to decide the payment method of with the editor. It also provides you with bonuses up to $800.


3. ACHS:

Niche/Category: Health
Amount per Post: $50
Payment Method: Unspecified
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
The prefer articles about general health and wellbeing with a 600-1,000. The payment method is $50 for each article and the payments are made within 30 days of publication of articles.


4. Funds For Writer:

Niche/Category: Writing
Amount per Post: $45-$50
Payment Method: Paypal/Check
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
As visible from the name, the website’s approach is associated with helping writers to earn funds from their writings. The area of their writings covers the success stories and practical advice from professionals around the globe. Through Check you will be able to earn $45 for every article and $50 from Paypal.


5. Doctor of Credit:

Niche/Category: Finance/Credit Cards
Amount per Post: $50
Payment Method: Unspecified
Payment info confirmed on website: Yes
This websites requires a writer to submit complete articles instead of short versions and pay $50 for each article.


Hope you have enjoyed the list, see you tomorrow with the next 5. Good luck in signing up with these websites.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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