6 Brilliant ways to get people take you seriously

Respect is something that cannot be won, stumbled upon, or started with; it is something that actually needs to be earned. While entering the workforce, you will be viewed neutrally, and the habits that you exhibit gradually move from one opinion to another. How you are respected and taken by the team depends upon your own actions. In order to be successful in any field, you need to be taken seriously and for that, you need to engage in habits that are best to get there.

Following are a few ways to enhance your credibility:

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Let others talk:

When you want to make a first good impression, you need to allow people to explain their experiences to you. When you allow people to talk, they become vulnerable which helps them to form a social bond. It makes them remember you for very good reasons and gives them the pleasure to talk to you.

Dress for it:

You are judged by your appearance when people first meet you. Your appearance tells a lot about what you have to offer. It is not about the shape of your body or the designer that you wear, it all comes down to how polished, groomed, and decent you are.

Strong handshake:

Your handshake matter a lot when it comes to making people take you seriously. It shows how much respect you are giving to other people and how much you are interested in meeting them.

Present yourself with the power pose:

People perceive you as you present yourself to them. if you meet people by keeping your shoulders open and arms wide, it makes you look and feel more confident. This is the kind of pose that actually lead you to power.

Stay humble:

If you want to gain respect among people, you must be humble along with being confident. In order to command the respect of other people, you surely need self-confidence but it should be counter-balanced with realizing that there is a lot you still need to learn.

Be prepared:

If you want your opinion to be given importance, you need to be better informed than anyone else. You should gather as much knowledge in your field as you can and should be confident in its authenticity.

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