6 ways you can live a better life even in uncomfortable situations

Life gives you very uncertain moments to live in which makes embracing them very uncomfortable. Uncertainty makes you feel vulnerable; therefore, you try your best to escape it.

You convince yourself that you are the fortune teller and can see the future. It makes you feel crazy when your mind spins through the same handful of scenarios you come up with over and over again. It feels like you will never come any closer to any sort of resolution.

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However, it seems like a great paradox of life that you can thrive only if you embrace uncertainty. In the periods of most discomfort, the most adventurous of life events can arise.

Embracing uncertainty requires courage, faith, and trust that everything will be okay no matter what happens. You don’t need to find all the solutions just in one day; you will find a way through it. For living through difficult times it is necessary to let go and not to try to control what will happen next. This will help you live a happy and joyous life.

Following are the ways you can live a better life even in uncomfortable situations:

Live in the present:

Instead of thinking about what you should have done and what you must do, let go of the thoughts by thinking only about what is happening in the present. Enjoy the day you are living and be thankful for each moment.

Remember your previous tough times:

What makes your uncertain time more uncomfortable is when you start to think that things will never change. But when you recall your previous tough times and how you came out of every situation. Every moment teaches you something, therefore, embrace each moment openly, and learn as much as you can.

Focus on what is in your control:

There are many things that are not in your control such as circumstances and grief. But take care of the things that are in your control such as your work. Give all your time and energy to your work and leave out all the rest.

Become social:

One other thing that can help you in difficult situations is your support system. Be connected to your friends and family. Spend time with them and you will feel secure during the rough times.

Look at the positive aspects:

There is a lot to be grateful for, therefore, focus on the positivity in your life. Look for the things that make you happy and it will help you stay away from anxiety.

Listen to others:

When you listen to others, you take your focus off your own problems and think about what problems others have. Try to offer helps to those who are in need and you will feel much satisfaction in your own life.

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