Surround yourself with people who challenge you, encourage you, and lift your higher

Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world. His success is amid great support from his wife and friends for many decades. It was Paul Allen who was his good friend and both started Microsoft. Warren Buffett and Gates are known to be good friends and Gates gives a lot of his success credit to the world’s 3rd Richest man. Gates’ success at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is credited a lot to his wife who has been instrumental in pushing him to achieve more.

One of the two biggest pieces of advice gates has given in the last few years is to dream big and have a great support system.

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He has always been a dreamer and has converted his dreams into reality. His journey started with Microsoft and now the Gates Foundation, which is one of the world’s largest philanthropy foundations in the world. His dream of removing four diseases by 2030 is praiseworthy.

It is very important to surround yourself with the right people. You should surround yourself with people who challenge you, encourage you to give your best, and motivate you not to give up in times of crisis. Such people are an asset. Not only do they grow in professional life, but they also help you grow higher with them. This is why it is important to change your friends if they do not talk about business, wealth, and new opportunities.

Bill Gates started Microsoft with his best friend Paul. Larry’s page started Google with his best friend Sergey.

Jack Ma started Alibaba with his 16 friends.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with his friends.

What are you doing with your friends?.

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