Sorry, Skill alone will not make you rich and here is why


I am a freelancer who successfully transformed his freelancing journey into entrepreneurship. I have done freelancing for almost two decades of my life, made some money, built some reputation, formed a company, and was able to look around for further business opportunities.

Everywhere I go, every time in my webinars, whenever I do Facebook live, one question that is always asked of me without skipping a beat is, ‘What is the top paying skill I should learn to become a millionaire in the future’?

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My answer with a smirk on my face is, don’t worry about discovering which skill pays you the most, focus on what is your talent and by using your talent what value you can deliver to the client.

Let me explain this in detail. To put it into perspective;

I am sorry, the skill alone will not make you a millionaire.

I can tell you so many skills and each one pays over $100 per hour but what is the point?

These are the most demanded skills in every freelancer marketplace but if you are a musician or an insurance agent what is in it for you?

You do not want to leave the field you are obsessed with and go for the most in-demand skills. Your chances of learning these skills and offering them successfully online are far less than someone who loves doing this work has a feel of it, and knows how to do it effectively.

If you are looking for the highest paying skill despite the fact that you know, this is not what you want to do in life, is similar to searching for diamonds by digging your own drive-through. It is like, ‘he that apes others will never be himself’.

You do not want to forget your identity. The chances of people following their hobby, and passion and becoming successful in life is far more than forcefully picking a shiny skill and wasting years learning that.

Have you ever asked yourself a simple question?

What if you spend years learning a skill you don’t like at all but doing it because it pays well and eventually end up quitting?

Who is going to be responsible for the loss of precious years? Time is money and it cannot be reversed.

Remember, money is a byproduct of success. If you can deliver true value, the money will automatically follow.

Every skill is high paying, you only need to find what value you can give to the client and you will automatically be successful as a service provider. You need to ask yourself, what are you good at, ask yourself what are your strengths, and ask yourself where you see yourself in the future in the next five years.

Trust me, the answer to every question lies within you. You only have to be open enough in seeking the answers and identifying your talent, moving forward to offer that service and become successful.

The digital age and people struggling to make money.

This happens when you are not aware of what works on the internet or do not have any interest in making a presence online. Either way is fine, but only for now because in the near future, if you do not have an internet presence, survival is going to be next to impossible.
Today, digital skills are in high demand and they pay well too. In the future, their importance would grow more as more people will be connected to the internet. The emergence of eCommerce websites, dropshipping and freelance marketplaces has given everybody a leveled field to make money.
In the future, it is not the survival of the fittest, it is going to be the survival of the smartest.
The future is for those who know the internet, those who know how to present themselves using their talent and offering that skill. It is also for those who learn digital marketing for better outreach to potential customers.
The future is digital, have you identified your talent yet?
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