6 highly demanded skills that pay six figure income

In the era of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the importance of technology and its usage in our daily lives has increased. Freelancing is getting popular, people are becoming their own boss and quitting their fulltime — 9 to 5 jobs. By doing freelancing, they get financial freedom, they can work at their own pace and by learning popular skills in demand, they can make good money. It is forecasted that about 50% of the US workforce would be freelancing by 2027.

Upwork releases most popular skills every quarter. This shows the skills that are in popular and watch out for in the future but the high demanded skills are still the basic ones though and will stay for some years to come. The most in-demand 6 skills in freelance marketplaces that pay six-figure income are.

Web Development:

Ever since the gig economy picked up the pace, web development has been in high demand. With more businesses emerging now, the web presence is mandatory for doing business today. Website is a modern day business card.

Also, the growth of e-commerce and merchant accounts are enabling people to start their business online and make money by selling products and services. As a freelancer, if you can learn how to develop eye catchy, mobile-friendly websites that can be scaled for further growth, you can make a good career online.

Graphic Designing:

Be it a photo manipulation or creation of inspiring artwork, graphics designing will always be in demand. The demand for print media work has grown as more people are starting their own business. Every website needs a graphic designer and the same goes for a catalog or a magazine design. If you know Adobe illustrator for creating great artwork and Photoshop for creating eye-catchy designs, you can live on the internet and earn good money.

Mobile Application Developers:

The emergence of hybrid apps as they work seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms without needing to create separate apps for each has increased the demand of mobile app developers. If you can create nice UX, UI designs and develop apps without bugs, one project alone could fetch over US$5k on freelance marketplaces.


Software Development:

The highest paying niche ever since the gig economy picked popularity has been software development. The developers are not only making good money but also empowering other software developers to work with them because of growing demand. Every business, irrespective of their scale may need software at some time. Software developers can make up to half a million by offering their skills.


Content Writing:

For blogs, forums and search engine optimized websites, content writing will always be in demand. If you can write grammatically correct English and know how to write for humans as well as for search engines so your content is picked and indexed for your business related keywords, you can make a good career online.


SEO/Digital Marketing:

In the era of digitization, businesses are searched online. For every business, to stay ahead of the competitive curve, they need prominent search engine presence and good social media outreach. If you are an SEO specialist or a digital marketing pro, you can offer your services on freelance sites and help businesses generate leads.




Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)